In My Shoes

I never bought into the idea that you have to purchase expensive items in order to have the best or to be the best. I never believed that it mattered.

Not until I became a runner.

When I decided to embark on my journey in 2007, it started on a treadmill. I wore a pair of $30 shoes I purchased at some shoe outlet store. I can’t even remember the brand I wore, because I didn’t care. I just needed something on my feet, right?


My feet were so sore. I had blisters. The back of my ankles looked like dogs had nipped at them, they were so red and raw from the constant chafing from the backs of the shoes. I figured that was the way it was, and that runners just suck it up and endure the uncomfortable experience. The love of the sport.

in 2009, a friend of mine introduced me to a local running store here in Nebraska. She had participated in a handful of marathons and was up to date on all the latest and greatest. I went to the store not sure of much. I didn’t know what sort of running gait I had, or what shoe worked best for my foot. The salesman (or should I say sales boy, he looked to be in his late teens) watched me as I walked, even paid attention to me as I jogged on their indoor track. I could tell he was a running enthusiast as he told me about the countless races he’d been in, how he was in track, and while relaying these stories he pointed out the shoes that would work best for me with my over pronating feet.

They were all about $100. I wanted to crap my pants.

I had never spent that much on a pair of shoes in my entire life! I felt insane guilt as I handed over my credit card, but I’ll tell you what: Those shoes were like CLOUDS. You know the term, “breaking a shoe in?” When you have a good quality shoe, that term does not exist! I was out the door with my new Brooks on the very next morning, and there were no blisters. No pain on the backs of my ankles. I felt I could run another five miles for good measure!

Those shoes were my lifeline over the next year or so. I ran in 5K’s and my very first half marathon in them. The following year I purchased a new pair of Brooks, and I ran in my first full marathon.

Omaha Marathon 2011

Just yesterday, I purchased a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline, almost a year after my last shoe purchase. Some women buy many pairs of shoes. I only buy one pair a year. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I purchased a pair of shoes that were not for running.

Some people don’t get it. I was one of those people. How can I spend so much on one pair of shoes?

Because now I’m a believer.


Aren’t they pretty?






3 thoughts on “In My Shoes”

  1. I was freaked out by the price of good running shoes, too! When I ran back in 2002-ish I wore a pair of shoes that I found on clearance. They cost me no more than $50, however they didn’t fit me very well. I agree good running shoes is a smart investment is you’re going to take up the sport!

    Enjoyed this post!

  2. Sara, when i went to Sprague high I was on the track team. Everyone on the team had expensive good shoes but me. I wanted to get the Adidas Country running shoes. They were 26.95 at Andersons Sporting goods. My mother would not listen to me about what i needed to run with and got me these Tennis shoes at Fred Meyers. They were a Fred Meyer shoe. They were flat soled so when i ran on the track you would here this crack, crack, crack as i ran on the track. The whole track area echoed with the sound. Everyone said i was running flat footed. I have never made that sound before when i ran. People made so much fun of me with those shoes that I quit the team. I was hurt and embarrassed. My mother does not understand how important it is to have good gear to compete in and to this day still does not. Nobody in my moms family works out enough to know what it takes to compete. I am the first with you right behind me. When i got out of school I bought those Adidas Country with my first pay check. When i went running there was no sound like before. I knew that it was the shoe and not me running flat footed. I have had 2 pairs of them shoes. Sara I back you up 200 percent. Do not feel guilty. You are a Athlete.. You need good shoes to compete. Look at the Skates i have and the bike. Those are top of the line. You have to have that to at least stay in the game. Please do not ask my mom why she did not get me good shoes to run in. You and Helene are the only ones that know about this. It still hurts to think about it even after all these years. On my side of the family are Athletes and I am very proud of you. The way you run those shoes will only last 5 months..They go fast if you run a lot. I never talked about this till now. Don”t buy crap. Always buy good shoes Sara. You are a winner. Winners need good shoes. Love you the Daddy”s.

    1. Thank you Dad for sharing that story. I can imagine how you felt trying to run and not having the proper shoes to run in. I feel guilty because I think about the things I could be buying instead of those shoes, but I’d rather me run comfortably than end up in physical therapy because I wore crappy shoes. Thanks again Dad!

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