My Thoughts On The Olympics

In my younger years, I never watched or cared for the Olympics. I had nothing against the games, I just did not appreciate the athleticism or the determination it takes to compete. When people had it on in the background, I chose to ignore it. The only coverage I ever showed interest towards regarded the Winter Games, and ice skating. Otherwise, I’d change the channel.

This year though was a whole new ball game for me. I was one of those Olympic fanatics. My husband and I would watch what we could at night, taking in the recaps of anything we’d missed. He told me he had tried to get me into the games back in 2008, but I don’t remember. I really think my interests in fitness and namely running have given me a whole new perspective.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means!

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My choice for this week: Recap of the Olympics in your own words. What is your favorite event or athlete to watch? If you don’t watch, why don’t you?

Of course, running captivated me the most for the  2012 Olympic games. I’m just in awe of these athletes. How do they go so fast? How are they so incredibly muscular? A few of my favorites from the races:


The Blade Runner from South Africa. This man showed true grit and spirit out there. Bottom line: there are NO EXCUSES. If you have a wall, do what you can to get around it, climb over it, or bust your way through it!


This woman seemed to be so poised and confident. I appreciated her quiet demeanor, and wasn’t overly flamboyant or behaved in a show-off manner.


The fastest man in the world! A little less humble, but I can see why. He’s had a lot of naysayers.


The gold winner from Brazil in men’s rings; even more impressive was the niceties both Arthur and silver medal winner Yibing Chen showed each other when the awards were announced. Yibing thought he had the gold. It ended up being Arthur, and there were no grimaces. No angry faces. They even hugged each other after the event.


The USA runner who got tripped up in the women’s 1500m finals. I really wish she would have kept on going after the fall.


I loved the story on this woman, who was phenomenal and enjoyed her time in the Olympics! As you can see from the videos, she was practically dancing her way through the floor routine, which is not a standard now with gymnasts. I find a lot of the time they look forced and stiff.


A winner of three gold medals for swimming, she seemed very down to Earth and sweet while being interviewed about her wins, and her love of Justin Bieber.

Speaking of medals, I was surprised at the demeanor of some of the participants when it came to winning. It seemed the only medal worth getting was the gold, and anything less wasn’t good enough. You’d see someone’s face grumble and grimace at the thought of a silver or GASP bronze. I felt even being able to race and compete was an honor, but that’s just me. I certainly don’t understand the level of competition the Olympic athletes face.

I enjoyed the Olympics, and I look forward to the Winter Games in 2014, being held in Russia, as well as the Summer Games in Brazil for 2016. I’ll be watching for sure!


One thought on “My Thoughts On The Olympics”

  1. I enjoyed your recap! Very insightful. I like what you had to say about the blade runner. So true! And is “Bolt” really the fastest guy’s last name? Seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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