The Boxer 500 Race

Their slogan: “A Short Run To Fight Colon Cancer”

Their mission: To share colon cancer awareness with those participating, and to also honor individuals who have had the disease.

I always appreciate a run that involves a good cause, and this one did not disappoint. The Boxer 500 chose Werner Park this year as their venue choice, and it was a great one. The ball park’s entrance boasted a few vendors, including a physical therapist who was working on a few runners as I stood in line to retrieve my bib and packet of information. The line went fast, and I had plenty of time to take a look at the literature they were handing out.

Fact: Colon cancer doesn’t discriminate regarding age. The articles I read pertained to individuals who were in their early 30’s! They were in shock that they had a cancer that has long been thought of as an “older man” disease

Fact: Early detection, as with most cancers, equals more of a chance for remission. If polyps are found, they are removed. A check up once a year can assure that you stop cancer from forming, before it even has a chance to start!

At the entrance to the ball park was a colon. I’m not kidding. A rather large colon, where people could walk through and read various facts and information. I chose not to enter the colon.

Before the race there were events for the kids to participate in, which was super cute. It was neat to see the little tots line up for a 1K.

Witnessing people wearing shirts in support of someone who either survived cancer or running in honor of that person was a bittersweet feeling. I always get a little emotional at these races, because it’s a beautiful thing to witness. There is so much love and devotion radiating from these groups.

The race took place on the roads leading up to the ball park, which sounds simple in theory, but there were a few hills to contend with. People were in good spirits, and there was no competition, just the urge to run for a good cause. Of course, a race wouldn’t be a race for me unless I accidentally almost tripped someone. That was my only grimace of the whole race.

I came in hitting a 9 minute mile, which isn’t bad for me. I’m usually slow going, but I did all right. I certainly could see me running this race again next year, not only for the running experience but for the giving aspect to it.

It’s always good to run for a reason.


3 thoughts on “The Boxer 500 Race”

  1. “I chose not to enter the colon.”
    Best line in any of your blogs. Great job on the run! 9 minutes is a really good pace!

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