Obtaining My Group Fitness Certification

Or as “those in the know” refer to it: a GFI license.

So, I have had this dream. A passion if you will. (A blatant reference to yesterday’s post. Sorry.)

I see myself in my very own studio, instructing. I’m not sure yet what sort of classes I want to teach. Boot Camp. Strength training. Zumba. Probably not Zumba. But there will be something. I appreciate circuit training, so I’m leaning towards that form of instructing. Anyway, I have this cute little studio, and there’s a decent amount of people in the class. We are all sweating and having a ball, and the attendees hate me but love me, what any decent instructor strives for. There will be an area for children, and I’ll have hired someone to tend to them. Some days, we’ll even incorporate the little boogers into our work out routine. It will be like one big happy family strung up on the highs of exercise induced endorphin’s and it will be so lovely. So very, very lovely.

Only, this dream cannot be achieved without passing a test that I assumed would be a very simple one. I signed up in January with ACE (American Council on Exercise) thinking I would be able to do this with flying colors. I mean, I’m a fitness enthusiast. I’ve done a little research here and there. I know what I thought would be the basics.

Then I took the sample test, included with two thick study guides, a rolladex looking thing with index cards attached to it, online tutorials and modules and quizzes, etc. etc. blah blah. The sample test consists of 60 questions. Guess how many I got right?


And I think 30 is a high estimate. I’m not going to re-count, because frankly I’m ashamed.

I had no idea that one of those thick study guides would be full of nothing but anatomy. TONS OF IT. I don’t know anatomy. That stuff was incredibly boring to me in school, and I was busy passing notes to friends instead of paying attention. And yes, I understand the importance of knowing what muscles and joints join together (or as ACE frequently refers to as “articulate’). I know it’s important, which is why I am going to devote a lot more time to my studies here in the coming months, in order to pass this test the first time around without having to take it again.

I know what some of you are thinking. “How could the test be THAT HARD? It’s a simple fitness test for pete’s sake!” I have a brilliant friend who took the test a while back. A college educated, smart woman who said the test was difficult. From what I’ve seen online, a lot of people end up failing the first time around and have to re-take it. I don’t want to fall into that category.

I have to take the test by the end of January or I lose out and have to pay again for the chance to take it, which costs $250. So far I am ACEing (HA HA) the other study guide, which refers to how you train, like the teaching methods and guidelines for how to instruct in a group setting. It’s going to be the anatomy portion that kicks my gluteus maximus. Retaining the information proves difficult and it seems my brain only fills with so much before stuff starts to fall out.

And sometimes I fall asleep while studying.

The other hurdle has been my part time job, as well as taking care of my boys and managing the household. I know I’m not the first parent and certainly not the last to be in these shoes, but my studies have been slow going if not entirely non-existent. I want to change that.

So, if you notice less of me, it’s because I’m sitting here on the couch, trying desperately to stay awake while memorizing something like this:

Please wish me well. I need all the luck I can get! I understand I have a long road ahead of me, in terms of getting experience and starting out from square one, and I am content with that. My dream doesn’t have to happen overnight, but I need to do more than I am in order for it to  become a reality.

And if someone has suggestions on how to keep me awake while studying anatomy, I’m all ears.

We don’t have to memorize this. Thank God.



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