How A Spider Can Bring Brothers Together

We all know the “Priceless” commercials from Mastercard; you know, where it goes a little something like this:

Boat ride across the river: $20

Dinner afterwards: $50

Being told “I love you” for the first time: PRICELESS

Yeah, well I have my own domestic version of this.

Legos for Ben: $10-$100 depending on the size of box. And he always wants the largest box he can get his hands on, then loses the pieces or mixes them with other pieces which means he’ll never put the sets together that originated in the box.

Swim lessons for Nolan: $50 and it feels like a waste of money, but people claim this will help him to appreciate and be comfortable in water. I’m not seeing it yet as he runs around the pool and fakes a left to escape the clutches of his frustrated mama.

A random spider who made the unfortunate mistake of making an appearance: PRICELESS


I saw the jumping spider hiding behind the little boom box you see in the above  picture. This drew both boys’ attention, and they were fascinated. Ben was in awe of Nolan’s fearless attempts to grab the spider. Ben went to grab a tissue so he could “pick it up gently”.

I was in awe myself. These two don’t play together very often. If Nolan goes into Ben’s room, Ben wants Nolan to GO AWAY. If Nolan is playing with a random toy, Ben tries to play too and Nolan gets all up in arms over it.

Yet there they were, playing nicely AND not with anything that cost money! That is such a rarity nowadays!

Showing off his spider

Nolan did a lot of jibberish and kept pointing at the thing, which Ben decided to place onto his hand.

Those two!


Happy boy!

Ben made the humane decision to save the spider. He let it go out the front door, which only means it will return very soon, I’m sure. Good times!


Went for a nice 4 mile run this morning, and ran into the duck again. I’ve  blogged about the duck before. He lives in a creek that runs alongside a gorgeous path I like to go on. I don’t know what it is about me, but he loves to run right up to me and stand next to my legs, and when I try to move, he gets in my way, blocking me.

This time, it was my friend he was after. He chased her down!

What can I say? Nature loves me!

MapMyFITNESS Workout(Run / Jog) : Distance 4.0 mi, Duration 45:00, Pace 11:15, Speed 5.3 mi/h- #MapMyFITNESS: 08/07/2012



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