Happy Anniversary!

3 years ago today, Kevin and I were married on the beautiful beaches of Oregon.

Oregon coast

We have both been married before, so we decided we did not want a huge, fancy affair. We wanted something relaxing, and comfortable. Something that was more suited to our personalities. We rented a beach house with spectacular views, and invited close friends and family.

The wedding crew

There was no dress code. Shoes were optional.

We walked right out onto the beach, and everyone present joined us. This included my son, Ben. It was a very emotional experience having Kevin say vows to Ben as well, promising to do his best as his step dad.

The first kiss as husband and wife:


So much has happened since our wedding, and at times it feels a lifetime ago that we had our toes curled into soft, grainy sand. Looking at these photos however… it really takes me back to a time of simplicity, and to the core of what we are together as a couple.

We are love.


Happy Anniversary work out:

One Arm Lunge: 3 sets, one minute each for both sides.

Side bends with 9 lb weight ball 150 total

Curtsy Combo: 4 sets of 12 each leg

Sits Ups: 100

Squats with Shoulder Press: 3 sets of 12

Gyro crunch: 3 sets of 30

Nolan “flying” on my legs: 4 sets of 10

I really need an updated photo. I wish I had someone to take pictures for me!



2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Very sweet. You two are such a great couple. I’ve known Kev since 1995 and he’s always been a great friend. I’m so glad he found you and that we’ve become friends as a result. 🙂

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