This Strange Concept Of Our Children Becoming People

So, I’m sitting here in my living room. Sprawled out on the couch, netbook on my lap.

In my basement, there are two boys playing Minecraft on the laptop, and having this surreal conversation about plotting traps.

Correction. A movie just kicked on. After quick inspection, Daddy Day Care is playing in the background while the boys are arguing over who gets to have the next turn with Minecraft.

Ben’s next door neighbor friend is two years old than he is, but they’ve been buds since we moved into our house in 2009. It hasn’t always been the most amicable of friendships for those two. There have been quite a few disagreements, and even some tears. Yet give it some time, and they are back together, and as they each get older and more mature, it seems they get along so much better and for longer periods of time.

And it’s so bizarre to me.

I totally get it. My boy is growing up. And I have to admit, being given the allowance to relax and do my own thing while he is playing with a friend is very nice. Very nice, indeed.

It’s the fact that they are like, well, PEOPLE. With their own little lives and agendas on what they want to do in the day. Their own opinions and thoughts on a subject matter. They are conversing about various characters in Minecraft and what strengths and weaknesses there are, and Ben is explaining the way a certain Mod (Modification) works. I can remember behaving like a little grown up and I felt for so many years like a grown up, I just never imagined my little boy would be there already.

Sometimes Ben will tell me something so poignant, it blows me away! A while back when I was asking him why he didn’t like a certain thing anymore, he said, “Mom, I’m like the wind. I change.” The look on his face was a look of acceptance, and he was asking my own acceptance in the fact that yes, he may have opted for quesadillas when he was younger, but now his palette has changed, and I’d have to just deal with it and move on.

Is it just me that feels as though I’m in some awkward bubble, watching my children grow up and not really knowing for sure when to pull hard on the line, and when to let it go?


2 thoughts on “This Strange Concept Of Our Children Becoming People”

  1. I know what you mean. I look at my boys and how they’re such little people now and I can’t believe they actually came from my belly. It’s surreal!

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