Magic Mike: The Religious Divide?

Recently, a good friend of mine had posted an article on her Facebook page, regarding something she’s read pertaining to the movie, Magic Mike, and reasons Christian women should not see this movie:

I know that my friend put this on her page not to stir trouble, or cause chaos for people, but to aide and guide her friends. She had others’ best interests at heart, and I noticed she received mixed reviews in regards to this article, which you know can happen often on Facebook.

I was dwelling on her post, and this article.  When someone has asked me what religion I am, or if it’s asked on some document I need to fill out, I always choose “Christian Other”, because I don’t really feel I’m any single denomination. I don’t regularly go to church. That isn’t to say though that I don’t believe wholeheartedly in God. I just have never felt as though I quite fit in when I’ve attended the various Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Catholic, and even the Non-Denominational churches I’ve visited. So, I guess I may not fit under the category of “Christian women”. But I still had my own thoughts and feelings regarding this movie.

I’ve noticed that there are sexual undertones in so much of what we see. Magic Mike may be a blatant example of that, but what about the more subtle ones? A while back, my husband and I were surprised by a local commercial for our lottery out here in Nebraska/Iowa. I can’t find the commercial, but it ended with a woman’s face covered in whipped cream and it seemed to be strategically placed, and the look on her face was very sensual. So much so, it almost made me wonder if I should cover my son’s eyes when that commercial would come on, although I figure he wouldn’t and shouldn’t get the reference. But my husband and I sure did.

A lot of our favorite television shows have either sexual undertones, or very blatant sex scenes in them. This isn’t just HBO I’m referring to, either, although shows like Big LoveGame of Thrones and Rome don’t leave anything to the imagination. A lot of the evening television programming you see on CBS, NBC and ABC will have scenes that either talk about sex, reference sex, or something of the like. Seeing women in skimpy bikinis we don’t ever bat an eye at.

Game of Thrones

One of my favorite movies (courtesy of my father) is the first 007 movie, Dr. No. In it, you have the gorgeous Ursula Andress, who plays Honey Ryder:

Ursula Andress was giving sex bombshell a name back in 1962

This movie was made in 1962, and although things are much more blatant now than they were back then, look at her. Or, at Sean Connery for that matter:


The fact is, temptation is all around us, everywhere we look.  A few of my friends want to see Magic Mike with me for my birthday, which is in a few days. And in all honesty, Mathew McConaughey and Channing Tatum don’t do a thing for me (no offense, guys). Whether clothed or not, they just don’t. I’ll go and see this movie with my friends because it’s going to be a fun girl’s evening out. We aren’t going to an all male revue where guys will be gyrating hips butt-naked or asking us to put dollars down their g-strings. We aren’t partaking in gratuitous sex scenes (not that I know of), like you’d see in pornography or even in some of the scenes you see on television. And maybe these men will be gratuitous in the movie, but I am going knowing that in my heart, I know what I have at home and do not feel lustful.

Now, if Mark Wahlberg was in this movie….Ahem.

If you are concerned (as a Christian or not) that you are going to have an unnatural lust for these famous men in the movies… on the television shows… or the random man sitting across from you at the coffee shop, that’s a different situation all together. Or if your husband or significant other is upset by the notion of you seeing this movie or anything like it, because it offends them or makes them uncomfortable, that’s understandable as well. You should never go out and do something that’s going to hurt your relationship, period. It needs to based on respect for your significant other, as well as for yourself, and knowing your limits and what you are both OK with, which can vary a lot from person to person, and couple to couple. If you feel this movie will put you in an uncompromising position because you cannot deal with what you may see, then it’s a wise move to skip watching it.

I’ll be sure to give a brief review of this movie after I’ve seen it.

For blog purposes, of course.




One thought on “Magic Mike: The Religious Divide?”

  1. Interesting take on this, Sara. We all have to do what we know is right. I am glad that article made you think about. I hope you have a very happy birthday, sweet friend.

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