Going Back To Where It All Began

Sometimes, working out can be a huge pain the neck.


My neck has been KILLING me lately. I chalk this up to sleepless nights, not resting enough to heal my body from the strength training I’ve been doing, and using the bar in the Barbell class at the gym. Think about it. When you are squatting 20+ lbs, that is weight being applied over your shoulders on a bar, and the bar adds a little weight to that as well.

SO, I decided to go off the usual beaten path of my classes, and go back to my roots.

First, I used a stair climber at the gym. This was the first time I’d ever used one, and WOW. Much more of a work out than I’d ever anticipated! 

I spent roughly 25 minutes climbing to no where (HA HA), and then I decided to do some routines in the vacant yoga room, where it was peaceful and quiet. There were a pair of 12 lb. hand weights lying around, and I grabbed a stability ball and got to work.

1. Squat to arm raise: I grabbed one of the weights, and holding it out in front of me, I squatted low, and then as I stood up straight, I’d lift the weight over my head. Do as many as you are able to, for 2 minutes. I did 3 sets of this.

2. Squat to side with tricep extension: This time, hold the weight our in front of you, and squat with one leg out to the side, keeping the other leg in place. As you come back up to standing straight, bring the weight up above your head and dip the weight behind your head, so you are working your triceps, like this:

Again, do 2 minutes on each leg, as many as you are able to knock out.

3. Ball circles: Using a stability ball, plank onto it, putting your elbows onto the ball and holding your hands together, like this:

Move the ball around in small circles as best you can, first going in one direction, then the other. So this move for 30 seconds, 3 sets.

4. Medicine ball twists with weight:

I used the weight, but you can use a ball, or nothing at all. I did 3 sets of 30, twisting from left to right. For more resistance, lift your legs up off the floor.

5. Sumo squats with leg lift:

Squat down low, legs hip length apart, and then bring your left leg up to cross over the right side of your body. Squat low again, and then bring your right leg up to cross over the left side of your body. Do this while holding weights. 2 Sets of 20.

6. Stability ball rolls: Get into position, much like the ball rolls position, only go onto your knees for a modified plank. Then, slowly roll the ball our from your body, straight ahead of you while still holding your hands with elbows on the ball. Go as far out as you can, then roll the ball back in towards your midsection. Repeat. I did this 15 times, but you can do it however many times you are comfortable with. If you want more of a challenge, get off your knees into full blown plank position.



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