What My Horoscope Sign Reveals About Me

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This week, it was my turn to pick the topic:  Believe in it, or not (or only think of it on occasion for entertainment value), horoscope is highly popular and very interesting. What is your horoscope sign? Do you think you resemble what is said about you? And, do you take any stock in it?

There was a time I was very into horoscope. I would always read about it in the newspaper every morning before school, wishing I’d get that 5 star day I would be promised, or dreading heading out the door because I was warned about running into someone I didn’t want to see or speak to.

I purchased random books on astrology, on your Sun sign, who was your best match in the zodiac. I have managed to hold onto one of my books, a very large one by Joanna Martine Woolfolk entitled: The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need.

The book I have sitting next to me, at this very moment

Not coincidentally, she is also the author of Sexual Astrology.


Moving on….

I was born on July 5th, which makes me a CANCER. From all of my research over the years, I’ve learned a common theme when it comes to us Cancers.

We are full fledged whiny babies, lurking on the inside of a hard, crusty outer shell.

Just like a crab. I find that to be no coincidence that what is representative of Cancer IS the crab. (My husband noticed too that I move just like a crab. Instead of going in a straight line, like driving a car to get from point A to point B, I weave my way back and forth down side streets to get to my destination. Just a little side note there)

As quoted in the book: “No one has ever said Cancerians are easy to understand. You may appear gentle, kind, sympathetic, and a patient listener. Then someone asks for advice- and you turn cranky….”

We are emotional typhoons, containing a heart of gold trapped inside this hard exterior. We are a series of contradictions, craving security above all else, yet we love new adventure.

Blame these contradictions on the moon, which is what we are ruled by. And due to this, the moon causes severe shifts in the tides of the ocean, which water is our element. And, water is never static. It’s always changing, always fluctuating.

“You want desperately to be loved and approved of, but resent needing approval so badly.”

Yes. Completely true.

“You have a real blind spot when it comes to seeing a failing in those you love.”

Another truth. I tend to put people high on pedestals, almost forgetting that they are fallible, just like everyone else on the planet. Sadly, this makes for a rather long fall down when they do something that causes me pain, or I feel has been an injustice. And I get sulky. Moody. Irritable. Bitchy. And although I am quick to forgive and will give a dozen chances, I never, ever forget.

“You have an instinct for making others feel cared for and understood. Among your most endearing traits is your loyalty…. You are possessive. Anyone who becomes part of your life will never again be entirely free.”

Have you seen my friends’ list on Facebook? It reads like an Ex File. It takes a lot for me to let go of someone permanently.

It is hard to deceive you, for you can spot the tiniest of nuances in someone’s behavior. In fact, you are almost psychic in your intuition.”

There is such a strong feeling aspect to being a Cancer. It’s based on emotion. I can usually tell when someone is lying or hiding something from me, in the way that they make me feel when I am next to them. Many times I choose not to speak up, in order to keep the peace and not make waves.

“On the surface, you’re the picture of calm and strength, but underneath you tend to feel insecure, and inadequate.”

It’s that shell again. Often, I feel these things inside that I don’t project to the outside world. A good friend of mine once said to me, “You had all these bad things happen to you, and I had no idea it was going on, because you had a smile on your face, and you acted as though everything was fine.” I am not the only Cancer to put on this show of bravado. A close friend of mine (born on the same day as me, but a different year) has these same characteristics as I do. A hard exterior, a soft interior, and never lets on when she is upset or that something is amiss. I think it’s just something Cancers do.

Now, as for my own love life in terms of my Love Sign:

My first husband was a Scorpio, and that is considered one of the best love matches in the zodiac.

My second husband, a Leo. Also considered a fantastic love match in the zodiac.

And this leads me to my husband, Kevin. A Gemini. We are considered the WORST love match. The only way you could get any worse, would be for me to be linked with a fellow Cancer, and being with someone who has the same sign as you is considered a huge no-no in the astrology world.

This brings me to an important question. Do I believe in astrology?

Well, as you can see by my past, the individuals I was sure to spend forever with, well that fell short. And I am currently in a very healthy, stable, loving marriage with my Gemini husband, and I certainly see us beating all the odds and the two of us living a happily ever after sort of life.

I have a huge issue with pigeon-holing people into various boxes based on when they were born. This is where the “rising signs” debate comes into play. Each person based on certain criteria will have different rising signs, and this helps to assure that people work well together, even if their Sun Signs don’t match up. Still, I know plenty of people who are a certain sign, and really don’t fit well within their sign guidelines, regardless.

Yet I also know people who seem to have similar characteristics, like Cancers and their tough shells, sensitive underbellies. Geminis and their quick minds, and even faster eyes (their eyes never sit still, always scanning and scoping their surroundings). Taurus and their bullheadedness (my son Ben very much fits this description).

I can see there being some generalized consistencies, but I can’t go so far as to say I 100% believe in astrology, although I think it’s fun to read up on occasionally.

What are your thoughts? If you don’t agree with what I have to say, please don’t tell me. You’ll severely hurt my feelings, but who are we kidding? I won’t let you know, regardless….

But I might pinch you! 🙂



3 thoughts on “What My Horoscope Sign Reveals About Me”

  1. Hahahahaahahaha Loved it sari!!!!! I agree that I also don’t believe in it 100%, but as a Gemini and a “true” one almost everything you’ll read is true about me. You know this! While all of these years I was quiet, almost in a dorment kind of way you wouldn’t be able to see this much. But if you saw me now as you saw me when we met in 2001…. Yep! I’m that “Vanilla” again! That one that you guys prefer me to be. =) I’m fun, I laugh more, I go after what I want, I live more.. Then I change just like that, in a blink of an eye. LOL That’s just who we (GEMINIS) are. Right Kev?? haha I don’t believe in horoscope, but you know that I studied astrology and loved it. But for now, just reading up on it for fun!!!! Love you!!!!! Great post!!!!

    1. Bu, you and Kevin are very important Gemini’s to me, and I was talking about you both in regards to the eye thing. LOL. Both of you are constantly thinking one step ahead. I hope I can someday soon see the Vanilla again! I’ve surely missed her!!!!

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