My Fitness Cheat Sheet: Reaching Goals

-Working towards a goal:

5K’s, fun runs, signing up with clubs

Sign up in advance for an athletic event, to give yourself time to train. Use a website like to find a good training schedule. At least 3 months in advance is a good rule of thumb, if you are just starting out.

Continuing on with the breakdown of my Fitness Cheat Sheet, we move onto setting goals for yourself.

What sort of fitness interests you, and excites you? I am very passionate about running (if you hadn’t noticed), but I understand that running isn’t for everyone. Maybe your passion lies with biking. Fitness classes. Yoga. CrossFit. Or a combination of some of these, or none of these!

It’s always important to set a reasonable goal for yourself, in terms of your fitness and where you’d like to be. Maybe your goal is strictly to lose some weight. To tone up. Both. Neither. Whatever your goal is, set a timeline for yourself. At least 3 months in advance is a safe option. For me, I have a work out schedule that I’ve created based on my running schedule, as well as my strength training classes. My week looks like this:

Monday: Tone Zone Class  Tuesday: Run   Wednesday: Boot Camp Class  Thursday: Run   Friday: Barbell Class   Saturday: Run   Sunday: Run

Now, I always take at least one day off a week. Since I’m currently training for a marathon in June, I won’t drop my running schedule. I need that to be able to run the 26.2 miles needed. So, I instead choose to let go of one of my strength training  classes. Some weeks, I’ve had to take two days off during the week, and this may include running. I listen to my body and see what works best for it. Over training and over working your body can lead to serious fatigue, and sickness.

If you are just starting out, you most likely will not be working out 5-6 times per week. Start out slow. Set a goal of 3 days per week, and when you feel ready, throw in another day. Your schedule might look something like this:

Monday: Cardio   Tuesday: OFF   Wednesday: Strength Training   THUR: Cardio   Friday: OFF   Saturday: Strength Training/Cardio   Sunday: OFF

Or, a mixed variation of this. You will know what works best, based on the time constraints you have. For me, the days I run work best due to my schedule, as well as my husband’s schedule.

When my marathon is over, most likely I will take a little break from all the running, and step up the strength training before I start to train again. What’s nice is, YOU have the say in what works for you. You can tinker it and make it work based on what you are comfortable with.

If you are interested in running, sign up for a 5K. A biking enthusiast? Join a biking club. There are a lot of clubs out there that will motivate you, and encourage you to continue on your fitness journey. This also keeps you on track, and once you’ve completed that first 5K, or gone on a 20 mile bike ride with your club, you can start working towards going longer distances. It’s amazing how quickly your body can build up the endurance it needs, and often times it happens and you don’t even notice it!

Some websites to get you started: (my favorite)


I am waiting for a rental company to pick up tables and chairs we rented for my son’s birthday this past weekend, and of course , they don’t give a set time they will be by to pick these items up. Which means I’ve had to sit here in the house all morning, waiting. And, not able to go to the gym. So, it’s a rest day for me today.

However, my son has been turning our Sirius radio on and off all morning, so I’ve heard some music on the HITS station. Something that has played a lot today:

Not a HUGE fan of hers, but I could see rocking out some weight training to this song.


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