Pizza… From Oregon???

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This week, Susanna’s choice for the week: Pizza wars… is New York Style better than New Haven? What about Deep Dish. Let’s talk about our favorite pizza. Why do you like the kind you do and what sort of toppings make it perfect?

I am from the West Coast, an Oregonian who had never ventured out of state until she was 19.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my fair share of pizza experiences, even though it doesn’t involve New York or Chicago.

I used to visit with my grandparents every weekend when I was a child, and every weekend we would get a take and bake pizza from a place called Figaro’s. It was a special routine of ours. My grandmother would pick me up after school on Friday. We’d go and rent some movies from the video store, and then make a stop at Figaro’s for our pizza. It was one with every topping imaginable, including shrimp. I think I enjoyed the smell of it baking just as much as I loved the taste of it. Figaro’s would provide sliced tomatoes that would always go on after the pizza was ready to eat, and I loved the combination of hot pizza, cold tomatoes. Whenever I am visiting relatives in Oregon, I always try to pick up a Figaro’s pizza.

Another pizza joint we would frequent was a place called Round Table Pizza. They had really good pizza, and elementary schools would often have field trips there so the kids could make their own personal pizza. There was also a jukebox, and it always felt like such a treat to be able to pick some songs and have them play while eating the delicious pizza. I experienced my first taco pizza there, and fell in love.

During my high school years, we’d all go to a place in downtown Salem called Straight From New York Pizza. I’m not really sure if they were from New York, or not. But, they had a lunch deal, where you could get a large slice of cheese pizza with a drink for pretty cheap. I don’t recall enjoying the pizza as much as I enjoyed the price and the ambiance. It was fantastic getting to escape from school during your lunch break, hang with friends and buy your own lunch.

I’ve had some good pizza since moving out of Oregon, but no place has ever filled the pizza void in my heart like Figaro’s pizza. We are planning a trip to see family in December, and you best be believing that we’ll be getting a take and bake while we are there. I can’t wait!

I want.

10 thoughts on “Pizza… From Oregon???”

  1. Two things….First…Chicago style is the best and Chicago style is not that deep dish garbage, although with a good buttery crust deep dish is not a bad alternative to thin crust. Chicago style is a thin crust with square cut slices.

    Second….when will one of us men be allowed into this group of female bloggers? 😉

    1. I had no idea about the difference! I have to say, I really love a good deep dish pizza. I’m all about the crust!

      LOL… I have a feeling if you were part of our blog group, you would come up with some pretty amazing topic choices when it was your turn to choose!

      1. Thank you so much! I take that as such a compliment, coming from you. I really enjoy your blog, and I appreciate that you always say what’s on your mind and hold nothing back. I really strive to work on that more!

      2. It is a hard row to hoe, but one must be true to oneself. If you really want to be that way, it will eventually come to you. I am humbled by your kind words. I like your blog too, and please continue to be you. That works for me. Enjoy your day. 😉

  2. I enjoyed reading your pizza memories. Fun times!

    I don’t mind believing that Chicago style is deep dish because I don’t like the thin squares all that much. They had that at Barnaby’s and my husband called it cardboard pizza. 😛

    1. The crust to any & all pizza is the key, if a thin crust taste like cardboard, then obviously that crust, thin or not, is a horrible crust. Common sense would tell me that “that” cardboard crust is not indicative of what thin crust should be.

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