It’s Like Thunder… Lightening…

When I was a little girl, Daddy and I were driving in his pick up truck when lightening decided to strike. The bolt hit the truck, and it scared me terribly.

Recently, while speaking with my father, he quickly informed me that:

1. We weren’t driving. We were stopped along the side of the road.

2. It wasn’t just the two of us. Mom was there, too. I don’t remember that, though.

3. Lightening hit NEAR the truck, not ON the truck.

Regardless of my recollection, I now have this horrid fear of storms. Where there are those who stand in awe and say, “That’s friggen’ cool!” I am the one who runs inside and seeks out shelter. The sound of thunder freaks me out. Seeing etchings of white bolts of lightening in the sky makes my heart beat fast.

Around 5:00 this morning, thunder woke me up. It was loud and ominous, shaking my house a bit. I can usually get past that and deal with my fear, but when I heard the wind pick up considerably, that’s when I bolted out of bed and looked outside of the bedroom window blinds. My crazy mind immediately conjured up images of tornadoes, as I watched the trees swaying quickly. There was this strange sound coming from outside, one I knew was created by the wind, and I’d never heard it before. I could also smell the storm, if that makes any sense. You know how you can smell ozone emitting from copy machines? Well, I could smell this storm permeating inside our home, even with the windows and doors all securely locked and sealed. It was a wet, organic smell, and this freaked me out even more.

There was no report on any news stations about a tornado, but even Kevin said it looked bad outside, and if he says it, that’s all I needed. I quickly headed for the boys’ rooms, and woke Ben up first. “You need to come downstairs to the basement.” Then I went into Nolan’s room, and he seemed to already be awake. I scooped him up and carried him downstairs, and was all ready to head into our basement bathroom/hiding out from tornadoes room. Kevin brought our cell phones and bottles of water down there, but gave me a funny look when he saw me walk into the bathroom.

“We don’t need to head in there just yet.”

I was on serious go mode.

And in ten minutes, after the monumental crashing of thunder, and hail….

It was done.

I feel like an ass. I woke everyone up and stirred the pot, for nothing. My only solace is the downed trees in our neighborhood, proof that there was something out there. That I didn’t entirely overreact.

But we all know I did. I totally overreacted.

Stupid storms.



One thought on “It’s Like Thunder… Lightening…”

  1. I remember that Sara. We were on our way to Colorado to see our Cousins when we broke down in Tremonton Utah. The starter went bad. We stayed at the house where that man was fixing the starter. They were Mormon. Do you remember? We stayed in the camper. The first night we were there a lighting storm hit. Here was your Daddy standing out in the storm watching the lighting hitting all over. You and your mom were scared. The thunder sounded like it was right over us. I said to you and your Mom lets all get inside. It was a little scary. You were pretty scarred. But now here you are in part of Tornado Alley. Does that make you feel funny? Let me know. Love you.

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