I Can Barely Keep My Eyes Open

Getting up this morning was rough going for me.

I went to bed with every intention of sleeping. Then my phone rang shortly after 10pm. A number I didn’t recognize. I have this routine when it comes to unidentifiable numbers. Let it ring. If it goes to voice mail, check it. If there’s no message, it was never meant to be.

The sweet chime of my voice mail jingle sounded. My husband always says, “YOU GOT A MESSAGE” in imitation of the tone that emits from my phone.

The message left was from a dispatcher for the police. An officer was out front of one the buildings where I lease apartments. He was there to check on a female occupant of one of the apartments, and the dispatcher insisted I call back to make arrangements for the officer’s entry into the building.

This is always the worst call. Anything when you are tucked away nice and warm in your bed SUCKS. The last thing I wanted to envision was me getting up, and driving to work. But, I also envisioned a resident in distress, and that outweighed my laziness.

So, I called the number provided on my voice mail.

Dispacher: “Dispatch?”

Me: “Yes, my name is Sara. I just received a call at this number.”

D: “Ok”.

Awkward, weird silence.

Me: “Um, hello?”

D: “Do you know who called you?”

Me: “Her name was Theresa.”

D: “Oh, it couldn’t be her. She’s not on this shift.”

Me: Getting annoyed, and frustrated. “She just called me not five minutes ago.”

D: “Ok.”

Me: “She called, a police officer needs let into the building where I work.”

D: “Let me check on that. Hold on a sec.”


D: “How about I call the police officer in charge of this, and have him call you back.”

Me: “Do you know when he’ll call me back?”

D: “No, I don’t ma’am.”


So, I hang up, and now I am wide, WIDE awake. I tell myself if the officer doesn’t call me in 10 minutes, I am turning my phone off. All of the sudden, I have another voice mail in my inbox, yet my phone never rang. Very odd. I check the message, and hear this:

“Hi there, this is Officer So and So, I don’t know why dispatch called you. You aren’t needed here. A relative called concerned about one of your residents, because they hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days. This wasn’t anything you were needed for. Sorry about that. Please call me if you have any questions.”

After all of this, I had a hard time sleeping. The experience took the magic sleepy time fairy dust and covered it with a murky, no sleep residue. I tossed and turned for most of the night, and when I did finally get to sleep, I had insane and bizarre dreams. Picasso style.

I woke up at 5:00am. I met with a friend of mine at 5:30am to run a 5-er. I don’t know if I was coherent or if I was on auto pilot. I know I tripped on the sidewalk on our way down the street, and thank God for those strength training classes. I soared majestically through the air and landed gracefully. No injuries.

Is it just me, or does this post ramble on?






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