When Your Kids Want To Grow Up

I noticed something at my monthly Breakfast Club meeting. (For those of you who have no idea what the Breakfast Club is, please see https://momarock.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/the-revised-breakfast-club/)

Nolan is growing up.

At 18 months.

I know, it sounds hard to believe. Allow me to give an example.

Our dog Duke was outside, and had been for quite some time. He’s a total baby magnet, and toddlers love to crawl all over him and pull his tail, and clutch onto his fluffy furry coat. So, when one of my mom friends decided it was time to let Duke in, Nolan immediately noticed a change in our normal routine. See, I am very anal when it comes to Duke’s paws. They get muddy and dirty from being outside in the backyard, and I cannot have that on my carpet. So, we always take a ratty old towel placed strategically at the back door, allow him in onto a mat at the slider, and then wipe his paws off.

Yet, there was no ceremonious “Duke, stop right here”, there was no wiping of the paws, and this very much disturbed Nolan. So much so, that he proceeded to grab the towel and chase Duke with it, thrusting his little fist towards the dog and making these “come back here” noises at the same time. He wanted to wipe Duke’s paws!

How could an 18 month old know and comprehend this? Are these little toddlers keen observers, at such a young age? He assisted me in taking care of Duke. Only to have Duke go outside once more (remember, I told you he was a total baby magnet. He was completely accosted again and we all felt he was safer in the backyard).

Nolan loves to help empty the dishwasher, going so far as to put the silverware in the silverware drawer. Mind you, he doesn’t put them in the right places, but maybe he would, if he could see high enough over the drawer. You ask him to grab something for you, he will do it. He throws his own diaper away. This backfires at times though, when it’s a messy one. And he understands when you tell him to step into a pair of pants. He will put one leg in, and then the other.

Does it start this early? Is he already on the fast track out of toddlerhood? I don’t remember this with my first born, but maybe he had the potential, and I didn’t think he would at such a young age. Or maybe he was able to do the basics, and I didn’t think he’d be able to, so I never allowed him the chance to try. I certainly don’t have Nolan running with scissors or anything, but I know I’m much more relaxed and lenient with him. Has this given him the chance to do more, and be capable of more?

I don’t know. But if he starts to recite poems from a Dr. Suess book…

Nolan giving Duke big hugs


Leg/Butt Blaster: A move we did in my barbell class this morning: Lunge (either forward or back), then quickly move into squat position, and squat low. Repeat this whole process. I would do 7-10 on each side.



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