My Impressive Wing Span

No, it’s nothing like that. (But wow. look at that.)

I discovered my long, monkey-like arms during the first weight class at my gym. I wish I had a picture to show you. I was wearing one of my husband’s ratty old t-shirts, and while doing flies with weights, standing… I got a good look at the gun show.

My arms just seem to endlessly stretch out on both sides to me.

Interesting enough, the woman from the T-Mobile commercials:

always bothered me due to her very long arms, that she seems to drag along behind her as she walks. Not to say she isn’t a very beautiful lady. Just, her arms sort of dangle there, and I’d comment every time to my husband  when the commercial would air.

And now I fit into that long arm category, as I’m almost certain my wing span far exceeds anyone else’s in class. Do my arms also dangle around?

I’m not at all embarrassed by it. It is what it is. I just need more space around me, lest I smack my weights into someone else. A friend of mine in class and I joke about my wing span. She says she has T-Rex arms, because hers are shorter and very muscular, and it always get a big laugh out of us. We are quite the pair.

This is the best I could come up with, for a good shot of my arms:

This was on my honeymoon- my hands almost touch my knees!


Our instructor today during the tone zone class decided to really kick things up a notch (not that she doesn’t do that already). We did a move called Pike Push Ups:

Get into a plank position using a fitness ball. Then, roll the ball up to where your shoes/toes are on the ball only, creating a “V” position. You should feel this is your abs, as well as in your arms. I think we did this move for 30 seconds, and did as many as we were able to during that time. It’s more important to have the correct position than trying to pop out as many of these as you are able to.


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