It’a All Relative…

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For this week, Susanna’s topic choice: Hypothetically, a credible authority from the universe reveals that the meaning of life is one big talent show. Success is measured not by $$, but the extent to which your contributions to society actually increase the quality of life for others. If the reward for winning was truly exquisite, how would this revelation change your game plan?

In other words, if you knew you were being judged by others based on how you make the world a better place (and not on the amount of $$$ in your wallet), would this make you change your objectives and focus in life? Would your goals differ?

In all honesty, I find I already am judged based on the good I do on this earth. Most of my circle (no matter how much money they make) seem to also live by this philosophy. No one has ever chastised me or revered me due to the dollars I may hold in my hand, yet I’ve heard feedback on the positive and negative influences I have on people.

Growing up, I never believed that success was measured by how much money you made. This could be due to the fact that I grew up in a blue collar family. For us, it was how hard you worked, and that you were able to provide to the best of your ability. It was never expected to make millions of dollars. As long as there was a roof over your head, and food in your belly, you were succeeding.

Due to various situations in my life, I’ve been in dire straights (living in a tent) to not having to ever check the balance of my bank account because there was always plenty of money in there. I appreciate that I’ve been from one extreme to the other, because it has helped me to recognize that money doesn’t matter, not in the long run. How you treat yourself, and others around you is what counts. Respect. Love. Honor. Honesty. Those are traits most admirable, and you might be able to attend a class to learn more fully what those words mean, but no amount of money will ever help you buy class.

My grandfather told me years ago, “You are no better than anyone else. And, no one else is better than you.” We are all so different. I am sure there are qualities I’m able to accomplish which may exceed someone else, but the same can be said about anyone standing right next to me. I may write better than some, but not others. I can sing all right, but I know there are better singers than me out there. I might pass a few runners during a race, but there might always be a few who go faster than I do.

It means I can be proud of my own accomplishments, but be humbled to the fact that I am not the queen bee out there.

This might be why I’ve never put much stock in celebrities, and find that the ones I’m most interested in are the down to earth actors and actresses. Their money doesn’t impress me, but what sort of values they hold has always gotten my attention.


Interesting stretching technique:

I learned this just the other day in my physical therapy appointment- and my therapist had learned it from a co-worker of his: to help work out any muscle tension in your hip flexors/butt area, lay on your side, with the ouchie area up. Bring both knees up towards your chest. Take your hand, and smack it along the area that is tensed up and sore. Do this a few times. You want to slide the hand up so that you aren’t merely spanking the area, but gliding your hand along while you do it. It sounds a little odd, but it really helps to break up the tension.


4 thoughts on “It’a All Relative…”

  1. This is a really interesting topic and one that philosophers and theologians wrestle with all the time. One of the suprisingly important things to think about (and most people don’t connect this topic with this concept) is whether or not there is an afterlife. Science tells us that the universe is speeding its way to a point where no life will be able to exist. All the usable energy will be, well, used. So then we have to ask the question, “If there is no afterlife, how is my life qualitatively different from a criminal’s?” Both will end up in the same place… dead.

    One might retort, “Well, we all know that being good is more desirable than being bad.” I don’t disagree. But if I work my butt off to be a good person, and the guy who steals his way through life ends up in the same place, where’s the justice?

    You said, “money doesn’t matter, not in the long run.” I would take that one step further and say, in the REALLY REALLY REALLY long run, if there is no afterlife, then NOTHING matters. Not honesty. Not respect. Not honor. Not even love.

    Because living in such a world would be so unbearable, one person said, “If God did not exist, we would have had to invent him.” Luckily, I think there’s enough evidence to say that no such invention is necessary 🙂

    1. As always Tyson, you really get me thinking with your responses! I didn’t even see it in that context. And you are correct- if there is no afterlife, than anything we do here on earth now won’t matter, because there would nothing afterwards to work towards. Like you though, I don’t believe in that. I believe there is something after this life.

  2. I wish I knew you better when I lived in NJ. It was all about money where I was living there. The bigger and fancier your house, the more people wanted to be your friend. I didn’t have that luxury. And the people who did have the $$ acted like jerks.

    1. I do know people like that. We even have that out here, some judge on the area you live in, because that area boasts the bigger homes. LOL. Someone once asked me where I lived and told me they lived in this new development, blah blah.. I told them where I lived, it was this, “Oh” response and it made me laugh! I live in a smaller, older home. And does it really matter? LOL…

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