Easter Sunday= Naughty Moma Rock

Easter Sunday was a fantastic day for my family and I. First, I scored a lovely run with a good friend of mine, a nice 7.5 miler around a sprawling lake that glistened with the morning sunshine. We were able to chat through the whole run, and made me appreciate having found a committed, fun running partner again.

Afterwards, my boys went egg hunting in our house as well as the backyard/frontyard.

Ben and Nolan, right before the hunt

There’s something to be said about that first time your little one understands the concepts of seeking an egg, picking up said egg and placing it into a bag. I was so excited and touched to see these two work together to find the eggs. At one point, Ben was running across the backyard and dropped most of his eggs onto the grass. Nolan ,with his ever helpful nature, plodded up to his big brother and proceeded to help pick up the eggs.

Afterwards in my typical holiday fashion, I made up a large batch of potato salad, we had brats on the grill (I know, not the norm), fresh fruit, vegetables. And a delicious chocolate pie.

I had two slices of the pie. Lots of the potato salad. And candy that I’d been stealing from my children’s baskets. Like, A TON of candy. I mean, why else do we parents put a plethora of candies and chocolates in the baskets meant for our kids? So that we can grab one or two here and there! Our kids won’t eat ALL that candy!

Fast forward to this morning. My tone zone class, with the insane but tough instructor who I’ve come to very much appreciate, and yet loathe tremendously as she says, “KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP, YOU CAN DO IT!” while doing what feels like the millionth squat or chest press. She has shown me that you really don’t need a gigantic amount of weight to get your ass kicked.

For the first 15 or so minutes of our time, we did leg lunges while walking around the class for about 5 minutes, then leg lunges while keeping one leg stationary to the floor, and having the other leg float back and gently touch the floor quickly, over and over. You think this doesn’t sound like much work, but do this for 20 seconds, and then repeat the process two more times. See how much your butt screams at you in sheer agony. We then did sumo squats for roughly 5 minutes, rotating around the class room, and then would sumo squat, pivot to a leg lunge, back to center, pivot the other way into a leg lunge, and continued this process. OH. MY. GOD.

Next was upper body. Lots of chest presses, extensions. I really can’t remember much from this portion of the class. I think I must have numbed myself and blacked out a little.

We always finish up with abdominals, which I always prided myself on having a strong core. She always makes me feel as though I’ve been lying to myself for many, many years. After an x amount of crunches, leg raises while crunching, reverse crunches, I am more than ready for the cool down portion, which I never want to get up from.

Can’t I take a wee nap on the floor?

Something she kept referencing during the 45 minutes of torture was, “Get out that alcohol, the candy, the food you ate that you know wasn’t good for you.” She also mentioned how proud she was of us, for still making it to the 8:30a.m. class when so many people would choose not to.

It was nice of her to point this out, but the truth is (and I think many other attendees would agree with me) WE ARE ADDICTED. If I have to miss one of my strength training classes, I desperately seek out a way to make up for it. I see the same people attend every single week. I am sure some of us stumbled into class, hungover and bloated from holiday eats, and it would take something very extreme to get us to miss that class.

Even with the torture, it is a sublime torture.

And dammit, that pie was DELICIOUS.


For that stationary leg lunge killer workout, you need to get into a runner’s stance, of sorts:

Choose one foot to remain stuck to the floor, stationary. While bending over like this man is doing, take the other leg not stuck to the floor, and place it back behind you, and then bring it back up to stand alongside the stuck foot. Do this quickly, and try to be light with that foot floating back, and continue this move for 20 seconds. Take a short break (maybe 5 seconds) and then do it again, same stationary leg, same leg floating back. You want to do 3 sets total. Then, switch so that you have your other foot remaining stationary.


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