What’s Ailing Me? Drumroll Please…

Yeah, it’s pretty much what I assumed it would be.

I had an appointment with a sports medicine doc this morning. I went in already armed with a bit of knowledge (if you consider the Internet as knowledge). I figured it was hip bursitis, and the doc confirmed my diagnosis. He said it’s either an IT band bursitis, or the hip variety.

I blame myself. The fact is, I don’t stretch. I attempt to. I have the best of intentions, but it falls short as I tend to my children, my husband, the house, and myself. If I had to choose between stretching or taking a much needed shower after a long run, I’m going to shower, hands down. And then stretching is forgotten. Yet my hip isn’t having it. Today is the worst it’s ever been. And, it’s all my fault.

The doc referred me to a physical therapist, so I’ll be making a call soon to schedule an appointment. He said they can suggest various stretches, and will do a more in depth exam on me. He said I won’t have to stop running, but I’ll need to “cut back a smidge”. That made me chuckle. He also asked me if I tend to run the same routes, and in the same direction, which I do. When you run on a paved trail, and go in the same direction every time, your body tends to get lopsided. For example, when I run on a trail out here by my house, I always stay to the right, and when I’ve reached the mileage I need to hit (let’s say for a 10 miler, I head out for 5), I then turn around and head back so I hit my 10. This explains why my right hip isn’t affected. My left side is more sloped down due to my muscles being worked more on one side than the other.

So, I need to change it up, switch sides, etc. I’m hoping this will lead me to healthier hips, and to feeling better.

For my work out move today, I’ve decided to offer up a good stretch to help that IT band and hip flexors. Most of us have done this stretch:

Now, grab a small ball, like a tennis ball. I’ve been using one of my son’s plastic toy balls. Place the ball in the palm of your hand, and start rubbing it over the leg that’s curled up; hip area, around your butt, and around your upper leg. When you feel you’ve done this sufficiently, switch legs, and repeat.


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