Help Me Diagnose My Hip Pain, Please!

Calling all blog readers! I need some guidance, and a little help. I know that I could walk into my doctor’s office and I’m sure I’d receive a nice little prognosis, and some pain meds. That’s all well and good, but I’m more about solving the problem, not just dealing with it, or using a bandaid as a temporary fix.

My hip hurts. My left side. Right behind my hip bone, bleeding into my fat that surrounds the bone. It seems the pressure point is right smack dab in the middle of the hip bone, but a little beneath it, so not exactly on the bone itself, if that makes sense. It’s only on the left side, and it worsens after I run. When I take steps, it sends pain throbbing within that area.

I know it’s not an IT band issue (which I’ve had in the past). My knee is unaffected, as is my upper left leg. It’s strictly within my hip, and some of the pain reaches into my lower abdomen and groin area.

While attempting to self diagnose myself online, what really sticks out to me is something called Hip Bursitis. Runners often get this when they are misaligned, and I would fall into that category. Any mother carrying around 20+ lbs of baby on her hip can attest to being misaligned.

Anyone else out there ever hear of this condition, or experienced it? From what I’ve read, the best way to fix this is to NOT RUN. This is equatable to asking me NOT TO BREATHE. Well, I won’t be that dramatic about it, but if there’s a way to deal with this, some special stretching maneuvers, etc. that I can do to help alleviate the pain, I’d be more than happy to try it out.

I will still go and see my doctor, of course. I’d love to go in with some knowledge however, to better assist her in assisting me so that I don’t walk out of there with a prescription for bed rest, and medication. Does this sound like something other than Hip Bursitis? Any advice would be most appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Help Me Diagnose My Hip Pain, Please!”

  1. I have a recurring pain in my right hip that sounds a lot like this. I had been going to a PT for some other issues in the area (pelvic and hip pain) and you know, I want to be a PT so I paid a lot of attention. I know you’re saying that it isn’t ITB related, but I’m going to suggest some PT that involves working that area anyway. My hip pain comes from a teeny tiny muscle of the pelvic floor, it’s an internal hip rotator called obturator internus, and it causes all kinds of radiating problems in the hip flexors, extensors, the other rotators, and all combined give me hell in the ITB when I let it go too long.

    If you have a sponge roller, or if there is one at your gym, use it to roll out your ITB, quads, and hamstrings, also your calves and outer muscles of your lower leg.

    watch this video:

    Also, upavesasana (or sitting down pose in yoga) can get at external and internal hip rotators and extensors. (NOTE: hold all stretches a minimum of :30 or else you’re wasting your time…the muscle won’t remember the stretch) Complete 5 sets of :30/day. I’m sure you know, but when one muscle is in pain, the surrounding and supporting muscles have to compensate, and that can cause more pain that the primary issue. So you’ll want to loosen up any muscles that might be getting worked extra hard right now.

    Now, I agree, those doctors wanna medicate the brains out of us, but if your pain persists, and with all the running you do anyway, you might benefit from seeing a PT or a massage therapist because they may see if the problem is coming from especially if you have a tilted hip bone (which can happen very easily, and can be fixed easily as well) or something of that nature. And, of course, you know I lift, and I want to share the awesome I feel from that with everyone, but getting in weekly heavy squats (with PROPER form ONLY) can only help you…start low, like the 45 lb bar and work up 5-10 lbs per week or if you can squeeze in 2 sessions per week, even better.

    Okay….wow. Did any of that make sense?

    1. I meant to add to the bit about rolling out your legs:
      This is a technique called myofascial release. “What is myofascial release Rebecca?” Okay, myofascia is the connective tissue between muscles, and when we don’t stretch enough, or we become sedintary (even just for a day or so when we’re sick or just relaxing on a Sunday), it builds up and causes your muscles to, in essense, stick together instead of gliding smoothly past each other. When you get a massage, one of the great benefits is that they loosen this muck up for you.

      watch this too: (he has a fantastic Australian accent, mmmmm….):

      Complete 2 minutes each area, each side. PS. Myofascial release SUCKS when you’re injured…but it hurts sooooo good!!!

    2. Thanks Becca, for your suggestions! I need to take everything I’ve been told, and apply it. I’m so bad with stretching after my runs, which most likely is contributing to this issue.

  2. Well, this is free advice so you get what you pay for:-) I just visited your site from my post on another site and this the first post I read:-) The irony is my previous career was that of a Chiropractor. I would highly recommend visiting a good one in your area to help. It could be many things causing your pain. Rest, Ice and stretches will help but also having a few weeks of adjustments will help it heal fully. Google these terms to see if it applies to you, if so, stretch these areas several times a day: Iliopsoas muscle, piriformis muscle.

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