Do You Read Me? Do You Care?

So, the title of this post is taken from the song, “Words” by Missing Persons.

“Do you hear me? Do you care?”

Oh, come on. You know you’ve heard this song before. Don’t pretend you haven’t.

Ok, SOME of you weren’t even born in the 80’s, let alone the early 80’s. You very well may have never heard this song before today. And now that you have, you may be very, very angry with me. I’m sorry. Just forget I even put that video on here. Tuck your tomatoes back into your pockets.

My whole point of any of this, getting back on topic… when I log into my e-mail, I’m amazed at the vast number of e-mails I’ve received. A typical day for me now, is anywhere from 40-50 e-mails. Most of those are notifications that a blog I’m following has recently posted. And I read them. I read ALL of them, to the best of my ability. If a screaming child is clinging to my leg for dear life, it means the blog post might be skimmed up a bit, but that is better than nothing, and I still count that as technically “reading”. It may also take a few days, since I’ve put myself on a restrictive diet of 30 minutes Facebook/E-mail, and 30 minutes of blogging, so I can spend most of my free time (HA) on my studies.

As for comments? Well, I would love to comment on every single one, but I can’t. There’s this thing called TIME that doesn’t allow me to. 24 hours sounds like a lot in theory, but never amounts to much when I’m living those hours in real time. I try my best to at least “LIKE” a post. But even that can be few and far between.

Are you in the same boat that I’m in? Are you also reading/skimming/reading every other sentence (no one does that) when you read a blog?

To those of you I’m following: I do read you. And, I very much care. For those of you out there who read me, and don’t let me know that you do… I am totally fine with that. I appreciate that you even take time out of your busy day to read what I’ve written, no matter how fabulous/stupid/pithy/crappy/sappy/glib it might be from day to day.

Thank you for even caring about what my words are for.



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