I Can Barely Move My Arms…

so, if this post stops midway through and isn’t finished, that is why.

How can tiny people have so much energy and strength?

The original instructor of my Tone Zone class was at the gym today. She’d been out the last 2 weeks or so due to instructing at other locations. This was my first time meeting her, and I was thoroughly warned by my friends how tough she is. But you never fully believe a situation until you are thick in the middle of it, right?

How is it the instructors can continue leading the class, talking without being short of breath, and slamming out power squats like it’s no one’s business? And yet there I am, eyes sewn shut, gritting my teeth as I try to follow along. There would be no way I could say something, let alone complete sentences.

For the hour long class, she broke it up into 15 minute or so increments. The first quarter was all legs. Squats. And more squats. Squats with weights. Squats using a step. Then lunges forward. Lunges back. Lunges forward and back. I decided not to even attempt to count.

Next up was upper body, or as I refer to it, my Achilles heel. Push ups using the step, push ups without, tricep work, bicep work, and a TON of back work. She even said, “Your backs will most likely hurt later, and that’s OK. The back is usually overlooked so we made sure to take care of it today.” I am so weak in my upper body. There was a gorgeous girl standing in front of me, and to the left. Her arms well sculpted and toned, lifting 12 lb. weights while we did the routines. And there I stood, with my measly 5 pounders. Not comparing, just recognizing.

Abs are usually my forte, but not today. Scissors, plank work, pilates moves to help with balance and engaging the core. Most of us were dying by this point. Even the gorgeous girl would stop mid scissor, and have to sit out a second or two.

Sweat was all over that classroom. It was an incredibly intense work out. Stretching it all out could not come fast enough. We all had red faces, wet hair, and a new look in our eyes. The look of addiction.

I think we’ll all be in that class next Monday.

Yes, we are all crazy.




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