The Bachelor’s Courtney: Is She Sincere?


Yes, I will shoot myself in the foot by admitting I follow The Bachelor. I’ve never watched the show before. I blame my husband. He says he likes to watch the cattiness that goes on between the women. I have a feeling it’s more due to the hotness factor of most of them, but I digress.

Last night was a two hour bitch fest between the women who had been cast off without their roses. Most were snarky. Some were reflective. Others still questioned why they weren’t chosen to be the last two.

All but one (she was the girl who had a boyfriend on the side while trying to win Ben’s love) were in agreement over how they felt about Courtney. No one likes Courtney. No one believes she loves Ben. That she’s only in it to win it, the game of Bachelor.

As a crazy twist to the evening, Courtney was brought out to defend herself against the group of angry, jilted women. She cried. She actually CRIED. They looked like real tears to me, but while the camera was panned onto someone else, she may have squirted water into her face. We just don’t know.

I honestly think that she cares deeply for Ben. I think she made an ass of herself in order to push the others away. She thought she was pulling all the stops, and in the process she ostracized almost everyone else in her presence. I don’t understand why these other women need to concern themselves with any of it. Ben didn’t pick them. He let them go. It’s obvious that if he chooses Courtney (or as we call her in my house, Crazy Courtney) then that will be his choice to live with. So what that she was obnoxious, and rude? So what that she didn’t come off as a “team player”? Just let it go, and let Ben and Crazy live in some bizarro world the rest of their 2 months’ engagement. It’s not like many couples that go on these reality shows last that long, anyway.

I’m really pulling for Lindsey to win, but in all seriousness- I could care less either way.

Sweet Lindsey



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