Am I Regressing?

I’ve been watching My So- Called Life on Netflix recently.

My husband says to me, “I think you are watching this show because you miss your teen years. It’s sort of an escape from the responsibilities of your life now.”

I reminded my husband quickly how screwed up things were for me in my youth, and so that wasn’t a valid point.

However, that got me pondering my quest to watch these old shows that were around in my teen years, that I never had the time or patience to watch then, when I actually had the time to do it. What else was I doing? I recall my friends standing around their respective lockers, which were kind of like water cooler moments at an office, and they were all talking about various television shows and how amazing they were.

I even had a friend who cut her hair to imitate that of Jennifer Aniston’s famous “Rachel” style from Friends.

So, here’s a list of the shows I’ve watched in recent years, and didn’t want to partake in while they were brand new episodes:

Beverly Hills, 90210: I decided to pick this up when it was on as reruns a few years ago. For some reason, I was getting super sucked in. Almost like this was my special little soap opera.

Friends: A huge sensation while I was in high school. I just never got around to watching an episode. Another rerun that’s on around 9am every morning, and when Nolan was a tiny guy and still taking two naps a day, I was able to watch it while running on the treadmill.

Fresh Prince of Bell- Air: This show is like eating candy or potato chips. You can’t watch just one. And there are so many reruns, and on various channels, the sky’s the limit!

Saved By The Bell (the original, not the spin offs): This is a double whammy. I watched this while it was on the air, and I still watch it even with it in syndication.

There are more, but I won’t share them with you. You’ll think all I do all day is sit on my ass and watch t.v.

Maybe my husband’s comment holds some weight. It’s interesting to me though, how I watch and I can somewhat recall and identify with how the characters feel, based on what I had felt many moons ago. Yet, shows that feature parental units, I seem to identify with much more.

A good example of that is My So-Called Life, where Angela (Claire Danes) lies to her parents about her whereabouts, what’s she’s up to, who she’ll be with. The same routine and game plan I’d lay out for my own father at that age, yet now I feel for Angela’s parents. What will I say to my sons? How will I handle it?

And the thought of my sons one day having girlfriends?


I can’t even imagine.

Time to watch another episode.


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