RIP, Whitney Houston

You know you are getting older, when you are incredibly shocked and stunned when someone famous dies.

It used to be a tiny little blip in my world. It was always someone I’d never heard of, or barely recognized when I’d hear the name, or see the tribute.

We all listened to Whitney Houston. For me, it was part of my childhood musical library. She was a pop icon of the 80’s and 90’s, and I was right there dancing circles in front of the television, ponytail cinched to the side. Great memories surround her songs. My sister and I going nuts while listening to “I Want To Dance With Somebody”. Watching my 5th grade slide show presentation of school pictures for the end of the year party, while “One Moment In Time” played on. Watching her sing “The Star Spangled Banner” on t.v. The goosebumps we all felt when “I’ll Always Love You” rang out on the radio.

Of course, I didn’t know her personally. I’m guessing most of us didn’t, but her music still touched us. She did a great job of that.

So, I want to say rest in peace, Whitney.

A very sad day, when another icon passes away….

My favorite Whitney song…


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