A Modern Cinderella Story

I have joined a fantastic group of ladies, who are involved in a weekly blog project. Every Thursday, we will dazzle you with our insight on various topics. And each week, we take turns coming up with the idea for the blog topic. Please check out their blogs as well, listed under my Blogroll section. Just click on:

Froggie (Tracey): One frog’s distinct voice on the world around her.

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

Mom Of Many (Susanna): One Mom’s perspective on life, raising kids, knitting and other unrelated topics.

This week, Melissa chose a delightful topic: Create something based on a fairy tale: TV series, movie, novel, musical…your choice! Talk about how you’d do it and if it’s performance based, who you’d cast.

Cinderella is all grown up now, ladies and gents. She married her prince, and they decided to embark on a fabulous trip through PARENTHOOD. She had no idea that this would be somewhat of a regression for her. For so many years, she toiled and worked her fingers to the bone, taking care of her evil stepsisters and an even meaner stepmother.

And now here she is, full circle. Standing among a mess of toys, dried food splattered onto the furniture, and a few specks have managed to glue to her stringy, greasy hair. She can’t remember the last time she had a shower. Not before late afternoon, anyway, when her toddler takes naps. IF he naps. Her life is a constant routine of dirty dishes, poopy diapers, and messes that never seem to go away. EVER.

Who pulls her through is her Prince Charming; he gives her much needed breaks when he can, so she won’t go insane. He’ll bring home tasty treats like ice cream and cake, and never lets her forget those magical glass slipper days.

A Modern Cinderella Story would be a musical smash! I could see it having it’s day on Broadway, with a ton of female supporters shouting such phrases like, “Tell it sister!” and “So true!” while they watch poor Cinderella get trampled by her oldest son on his way to pillage the refrigerator.

Odette Yustman would play Cinderella. She’d have to go blonde, but I think she could carry it off. Her leading man would be Mark Wahlberg, for the simple reason that I really like Mark Wahlberg. Ever see the movie The Big Hit? If you have, then you understand why.


For some strange reason, I have a feeling my own two boys would play the children’s roles, perfectly.

The performers would sing wonderful tunes like: “Mac And Cheese Keeps Falling On My Head”    “Go To Bed Or I’ll Take Something Away, Away…”    “Where Are The Calgon Take Me Away Commercials When You Need Them”     “The Planets Aligned! It’s Date Night!”     and something similar to this:

This show would be a revelation. Cinderella realizes that although her life feels chaotic, in the end she would never trade what she has gained. She grew up living a horrible life within a pseudo family unit. Now, she has that family she had always wanted her whole life, within her Prince, and her children.


These may feel like hard times, but it will get easier, and some day, many years from now, Cinderella’s boys will thank her for the hard work she’s put in to raise them, and take care of them. They will grow into mature, capable men.

And Cinderella? She will dance the night away once more, living the proverbial happily ever after.




3 thoughts on “A Modern Cinderella Story”

  1. cute. and i totally remember “the big hit.” fun movie. i’m all about musicals so you know i’d go see this one! is odette yustman in anything besides “you again?”

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