How A Mom Gets Off Her Butt And Works Out

1. Complete the other chores of the day first. If you try and work out knowing you have other things you should be accomplishing, you won’t put as much into it.

2. Make sure your baby/toddler is napping. This allows much needed time for you to do what you need to do (and get a much needed shower in afterwards.

3. Watch something on tv while working out. Or listen to music. When I want to feel motivated, I listen to music. When I want to pass the time, I watch tv.

4. Get into your work out clothes. Wear them all morning if need be, so you aren’t tempted to sit on your butt while watching tv.

So, it’s roughly 12:30pm my time. About to embark on some work outs I’ve cut out of my Shape Magazine, as well as other misc. magazines I’ve collected over the past couple of years. I like to work in cycles, a pattern of legs/arms/abs. Do what works for you. If you want to work out only focusing on one main body part, do that. There’s no special trick to this, the “trick” is that you are moving your body, period, and doing something. If you don’t want to do as many sets as what’s listed, then do one less- and built up to it.

I am currently watching The Chew. Don’t judge me.

Stretching my legs/arms/neck…

Cycle 1:

Squats with weights: 3 sets of 15

Military press push up: 3 sets of 12

Plank: two times, one minute each time (stretch between each one, and go on your knees if you need to)

Cycle 2:

Curtsy combo: 2 sets of 10 (while extending arms up and out, extend one leg back behind you, then curtsy, lowering weights. Repeat.)

Medicine ball twists: 30 total (use ball, or weight, or nothing)

Cycle 3:

One legged plyo jumps: 2 sets, one minute. Hold arms to sides, and then go down onto one leg into a squat, as deep as you can go. Then, straighten up and jump to the other leg, repeating the process.

Single arm fly: 2 sets of 10

Open crunch: 30

Cycle 4:

Sumo Squat With Leg Lift: 3 sets of 15 (Hold weights up along your face, and squat, lifting back up and then crossing one leg over your body. Do this on each side.)


If you want to stay with these 4 cycles, you can, or if you want more of a work out, repeat these cycles one more time.

Make sure you stretch afterwards.




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