When My Brain Feels Full….

I’m a big fan of Charlotte’s Web. It was one of my favorites as a kid. There’s a line that I repeat to myself often, and have over the years.

The narrator of the movie (not the newer model, the old 1973 version with Debbie Reynolds) says:

“Wilbur’s stomach was empty and his mind was full. Well, when your stomach is empty and your mind is full, it’s hard to fall asleep. But sleep and Wilbur finally found each other.” 

I say this in the hopes that I will also find my sleep. Most times, my stomach isn’t even empty, but metaphorically speaking, it could be. Maybe I have too much taking space in my head, and not enough comfort to keep me feeling, well, comfortable.

I envy people who are out as soon as their heads hit pillows. How do you even do that? Is this some skill you can teach me? How can I stop thinking?

Something else I’ll think of, while lying desperately awake, is a song by Phil Collins. It’s called “Long, Long Way To Go”, and the lyrics of the main chorus go:

Turn it off if you want to
Switch it off it will go away
Turn it off if you want to
Switch it off or look away

I can hear those lyrics as I’m trying to block out the multitude of thoughts. I hear him repeating, “switch it off..” as the end of the song draws near. Why can’t I just turn it off? All my feelings, the things I need to do; why won’t my brain just shut the hell up?





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