Courtney on The Bachelor? Or, Russell Hantz on Survivor?

So, I had an epiphany, while watching The Bachelor (a show I never watched until this season).

Courtney is to The Bachelor, what Russell Hantz was to Survivor.

This really hit home for me last night, when Courtney (while pretending to enjoy the great outdoors) managed to catch a fish during a fly fishing group date. As one contestant said, “That’s bullshit.”

I was soon envisioning all the times that Russell managed to find the hidden immunity idol. No one wanted him to. Yet, he always did. Just like Courtney caught the coveted fish. And no one else did.

Some other comparisons I’ve noticed:

1. Strange and awkward facial expressions: Courtney does this very strange thing with her jaw; she clenches it, pulling her lips back a bit, into this very weird grimace. Russell would always have this evil stare he would give people he disliked, and this “aww shucks” sort of laugh he reserved for his harem of girls that were his supporters on the show.

2. Feelings of Grandeur:  Both individuals think they are the best person on the show. Courtney has said on many occasions, “She’s cute, but I think I’m the one for Ben. WINNING.” Russell would always rant about his impressive Survivor skills, and how he had everyone wrapped around his little finger, and they were all morons.

3. Idol/Rose Envy: Courtney loves to show off the gorgeous rose she receives. Last night’s episode, she rubs the rose along her cheek and pretends to not even see the rose there. Then she says, “Oh look it’s a rose.” Russell had no qualms about wearing the immunity idol right around his neck for all to see. That’s right, bow down to me, and my impressive idol!

4. Intimidation: Courtney loves to intimidate, and say phrases that will throw off her opponents, like, “good luck, good luck Emily, we’ll see who wins. WINNING.” (the “WINNING” phrase was actually stolen from Charlie Sheen.) Russell would always tell people that they better not get on his BAD SIDE. They didn’t want to see his BAD SIDE.

So, there you have it- Courtney is undoubtedly the Russell on her show. Let’s see if she gets as far, if not farther than Russell did on his!




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