When A Borderline Health Nut Falls Off The Wagon

She will do something naughty, like get food to go from Applebees. And it’s not anything healthy, either. Think pasta. Cream sauce. Chips and Dip. And maybe, just maybe a little molten lava chocolate cake with a side of ice cream.

She will lazily stay in bed, giving her alarm clock the bird when it goes off. How can she get out of bed and go running, when the bed feels so nice and warm?

She will make excuses. “It’s too cold outside.” “The road is hazardous. I might slip.” “I can always do it tomorrow.” “I had a rough night.” “Is that a sore throat I feel?”

Yes, I am the borderline health nut. I say “borderline”, because there are some things I won’t do.

I won’t starve my body of the foods it craves. I will just approach it from a moderate angle. The Applebees dinner from last night? Not so moderate. Hence me falling off the wagon.

I won’t purchase all organic products, because I cannot afford them. I do what I can by purchasing produce that is in season.

I won’t buy into fad items that claim to reduce inches from my waistline, or do any of the powder shakes that promise a thinner me in 30 days. I trust in the adage that you need to work for what you want. That means eating healthy, and working out. And realizing it takes time.

On occasion, I will fall off my wagon. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. Before my morning run yesterday, I had gone days without slipping on my sneakers. In the past, this would have left me guilt ridden. Yet, I have learned that sometimes, I NEED those breaks. It’s my mind’s way of giving me some much needed time off from the relentless training I put myself through.

Even those with passions need a vacation from them.

I’ll get back on the ol’ horse again, I know I will. While enjoying the still quiet as my feet hit pavement, I realized I missed it. And as I climb back on, I’ll be as persistent as I can, to get the job done.

And I might even eat a cookie along the way.



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