Working Out With Your Kids: Part Deux

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to do some work outs outside, with my boys playing around in the front yard.

Little did I know I’d become part of a tag game.

Or that I’d get such a fantastic work out from it.

The goal was, to run some sprints up and down the street, in front of my house. Then, I would do some push ups and sit ups. My kids would still be supervised and busy. I’d get some fitness in for the day. A win=win for everyone.

All of the sudden, this turned into a no holds barred tag game with Ben, and a friend of his who lives two houses down.

We moved our tag game to a local school’s track, where there was much more room to run around. I did this for nearly 1/2 an hour, and was amazed at how winded I felt! When you have 6 year olds chasing you around, and constantly making you “it”, you will certainly feel it.

What was funny, was Nolan was trying to play too! He’d run at us, or try to catch up with us, and play chase.

I think sometimes us grown ups get so wrapped up in the seriousness of life, and what needs to be accomplished, that we forget to have fun. And if you can have fun and get your work out in, that’s even better!

So, if you are looking to trim up and slim down, play tag with your kids. Climb on the monkey bars. Go nuts on a jungle gym.

It’s fun!


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