Try To Touch The Sky

When Ben was really little, there was a show on PBS Sprout Called It’s A Big, Big World. 

He really loved that show. And I loved it, too. It was so sweet and had a simple song at the end that he had memorized, and would sing to:

The world goes spinning round and round it’s true
We’ve had our time and now we’re through
But you and I forever will be friends
We’ll try to touch the sky where clouds never end

And we’ll search for wonder all around
And you’ll find me hanging upside down

And you and I together in a big, big world
We’ll try to touch the sky in a big, big world

You have to go I know it’s time
So give me five
This whole world
Is yours and mine

When Snook (the sloth) says, “So give me five…” he’d extend his rather large paw towards the television set, and Ben would always place his small cherubic hand over Snook’s. It always gave me warm fuzzies.

While this show was in syndication, Ben was into construction vehicles.  He could tell you the name of every single digger truck, and he’d always call a skid steer a “kid steer”. A trip to the John Deere store was a fascinating journey for him.

As time has gone on, his construction DVD’s and movies have been silently collecting dust. The other day I saw a grader on t.v., and asked him if he knew the name of it. He had no clue. The only reason I knew the name, was because of him.

In case you didn't know... this is a grader

In moments like that, I feel sad. It’s a constant reminder that he won’t stay the same. So many times over the course of his 6 years since being born, I’ve wanted to just push the pause button. I love the kid he’s turning out to be, but I mourn for the loss of my little boy who would place his hand over Snook’s. The one who would do anything to cuddle up onto Mama’s lap. Sometimes, I would give anything to hear him say “sues” for shoes, or “mamayto” for tomato.

I always knew he couldn’t stay that way forever, and he has to grow up, just like the rest of us did. I’m excited to see Ben’s love for insects and reptiles.  He kicks some serious butt in karate class, and he’s a bright, funny kid who I enjoy immensely (when he’s not wreaking havoc).

There will be times though, where I miss this:

Ben and I, 2007


2 thoughts on “Try To Touch The Sky”

  1. My son and I did the same exact thing and high fived Snook. We sang the song verbatim. I found the songs again for the first time in 5 years and just was taken back to those wonder years. He really didn’t remember, but I surely do. He’s 9 now and doesn’t want my hugs as my little man cub becomes a little man. Thank you for your post. It was truly heart felt.

    1. I’ve discovered that Netflix has the Big, Big World episodes. I’ve tried to get my 3 year old into it, and he’s watched a few episodes but he’s not that interested. Breaks my heart that my 9 year old doesn’t even remember them anymore. 😦 At least we have these wonderful memories to hold onto, right? It’s nice to know there is a fellow Snook fan out there. 🙂

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