Our Christmas Day

Nolan: He’s had high fevers the past few days. I figured he may have caught whatever I’ve been fighting this past week or so, but I never had such a high fever, and not for so long! Just when we thought we would need to possibly take our baby into the ER on Christmas morning, his fever broke. We were so happy to discover a nice, mild temperature when he woke up, yet were shocked to find his upper torso covered in a lacy, red rash. This spread quickly to his neck and face. Upon researching the internet, we discovered what fit his symptoms to a T is roseola, a virus that starts out with high fevers, and once the fever breaks, the child breaks out in a rash. So, he wasn’t the happiest of campers Christmas morning. He didn’t want to open presents. He didn’t want to play with toys. He just wanted to whine and have someone hold him. After a dose of tylenol though, he was feeling a little better.

Grandma and Nolan

Ben: Christmas Eve, Ben went to bed full of anticipation. He was waiting for Santa’s arrival. Kevin showed Ben NORAD’s tracking of where Santa was, and when Ben went to bed, Santa was in Egypt, which Ben wants to visit someday. When Nolan was up at 3am, Ben woke up too, and told Kevin, “Did you see the unwrapped presents under the tree? Santa was here!” He wanted to show Kevin. He was so excited! He loved opening his presents, and immediately wanted to start putting together Lego sets and what not. Kevin set up a card table for Ben, and that’s where he spent most of his day.

He put this together fast!

The grown ups: Kevin, his mom Joan, and myself were pretty much relaxed for most of the morning. Kevin and Joan did go to morning mass while I stayed with the boys. We made a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, vegetables, rolls, pumpkin pie and chocolate pie. Just typing that out is making me incredibly hungry. We entertained the kids and played with new toys and games.

Later that night after Nolan went to bed, the rest of us stayed up to watch The Santa Clause, and enjoyed some pie and turkey sandwiches.

It was a great day.



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