Driving While Talking… Is It Safe?

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This week, Susanna’s topic choice is:  NTSA says that talking on your cell phone even with a blue tooth, is as dangerous or more dangerous than driving drunk. The recommendation is to ban use of cell phones in cars. What do you think about that?

As with anything in our world, moderation is key here. Unfortunately, millions of people (including me) have issues with being able to do things in moderation. I have gone through spurts, where I tell myself I won’t talk on my cell phone at all while I drive. I do this when I’ve seen ads or billboards that stress the dangers of talking on your cell phone while driving. Yet, a few days later, I fall off the cell phone bandwagon. An important thought pops into my head. I know that if I don’t call the person up RIGHT AWAY, I will totally forget the thought. So, I reach for my phone, and dial.

However, I don’t reach for my phone while driving. I don’t dial while driving. I wait until I’m stopped at a red light. I don’t know if this makes much difference, but I feel it’s safer than me taking my eyes off the road while in motion. And if you’ve ever been a passenger in my car while I’m driving, you’d understand why.

I’m certain many others don’t take extra precautions like I do. So, would it be safer to just ban all cell phone use? I know in states like Oregon, they have. You are not allowed to use a cell phone AT ALL while driving in your car. That doesn’t mean that I followed that rule. The first time I broke that rule was by accident. I was visiting my family, and had no clue about the new laws. Not until my best friend freaked out a little when she saw me reach into my purse and pull out my Samsung. She quickly informed me that cell phone use while driving was not allowed. That doesn’t mean I followed the rules. If I  were en route, and needed assistance to get someplace, I used my cell phone. Maybe I got lucky, and no cop noticed me. Or maybe the reality is, it would be mighty difficult to monitor such a restriction.

Also, what if you truly have an emergency? Having the chance to pull over and then use your phone looks good on paper, but that’s not always the case. There have been times I have had to use my phone for good reason, and had no opportunity to stop the car, and park somewhere.

In my opinion, it’s all about common sense. Texting while you drive is stupid, period. Don’t use your phone while you drive, but if you need to use your phone, be smart about it. Don’t take your eyes off the road while in motion. Wait until you are at least stopped, before digging into your purse and getting your phone out. My most recent call list is the first option when I open my phone, and anyone I talk to on a regular basis is right there for me to dial. It’s a 5 second process.  Make it quick. Tell the person you’ll call them later, when you aren’t on the road.

Now, I just need to work harder at following my own advice!




One thought on “Driving While Talking… Is It Safe?”

  1. great post! i like your strategies for being safe while still being able to use your phone.
    if cops are really more concerned with catching people on their phones instead of catching real criminals, we have a scary world ahead of us. 😛

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