Real vs. Fake: What’s Better?

I am talking about TREES in this post. TREES. So, if you had something else in mind, you’ve come to the wrong blog. Not to say that wouldn’t be an interesting topic to discuss on another day. I’ll leave that option on the table.

Today though, I want to bring up the differences between purchasing a fake tree, and buying a real one for Christmas.

First off, I want to say I have nothing against a fake tree. I get the purpose of one. My grandparents had the coolest plastic tree I nicknamed “Gumby”, whose limbs were easily contorted into different angles. Every year, I decorated Gumby. Gumby had and will always have a very special place in my heart.

Yet, I require a real tree. Every year, it’s the same. I go to a tree lot, run by the same small family who cuts various trees for sale. It’s owned by a very old woman who parks a small trailer on the grounds, and she invites me into the trailer after I pick out my tree. She has a small basket of candy canes, and after I pay her, she offers me a candy cane. This has been the routine since before I had my oldest child, and continues to this day.

Have you noticed my serious need for routine and traditions?

One year, I had no one to help me get my tree, so I did it. Alone. I tied the tree to the top of my Blazer, drove it home, dragged it up two flights of stairs to my apartment, where I proceeded to prop it into the tree stand and screw it in. It was at least 6 feet tall and heavy.

I don’t know where this obsession comes from. It would be so easy to just pack up a fake tree, and drag it out of the garage every year. I wouldn’t have to worry about cold weather, or ice all over my tree. Or watering the tree. Or when the tree starts to dry out, and all the bits of limbs and needles start to fall all over the floor. Or dumping it at some tree pick up station.

The smell though… the smell of a real tree is phenomenal. You can’t replicate it, I don’t care what sort of scented fake tree you get, or whatever candle you purchase that claims it smells like real pine. My house right now smells like I’ve been walking through a forest.

The nostalgia I feel when I have a decorated tree sitting in the corner of my living room is priceless. There’s nothing better than a tree that’s been creatively designed by none other than your own children.

So which is better?

It’s all a matter of preference…. but I can tell you that my pets would suffer greatly, if they weren’t able to drink tree water every year from the tree stand.

They have the answers we seek.




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