Way To Clog Those Arteries!

The Steven family ate like kings today.

Like Burger Kings.

Our television ceased to project a nice picture quality. Kevin bought the 55 inch box roughly 10 years ago. And when I say box, I’m not kidding. It had enough room on top to put DVD’s, cups, plates… spare toys. If the picture wouldn’t 3-D trip on you, or fine white lines didn’t sporadically etch it’s way across the screen, we’d still have it with us. He and I both live by the rule of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, it was broken. Big time. So, bye-bye box.

While out purchasing our new television, we stopped at Burger King. Neither of us eat much fast food. I don’t go so far as to slaughter my own meat or anything (even though I could; we have tons of wild turkey out right now). Yet, I make most of our meals at home, and it saves money and helps keep us healthy.

That doesn’t mean I’m inhuman. Or infallible. Or can’t be tempted by the smell of a burger charbroiled on a grill.

The only problem with that is, where do you draw the line? My intent was to only buy the swiss and mushroom burger. I could eat more at home if I was still hungry. Only, that’s not what came out of my mouth. What came out was, “I’ll have the swiss and mushroom burger COMBO.” That means I get fries AND a soft drink on top of that.

Kevin ordered a whopper. I steer clear of the whopper. I craved one during my pregnancy with Nolan, and I ended up vomiting it shortly after. Nolan knew in all his fetus wisdom that whoppers were not a healthy choice. For Nolan, we ordered chicken tenders, and a milk.

Our next healthier option was to share the soft drink, and share the fries. Only, that doesn’t fill you up. Have you ever noticed that food that isn’t good for your body ceases to ever truly satisfy your stomach? You always want more. And so we bought TWO MORE sandwiches. We each had a (are you ready for this?) bacon cheeseburger. They were $1 each. Need I say more?

Nolan was busy inspecting his chicken tenders, which were deep fried to a dark golden complexion. I had torn bites off for him, and he looked puzzled. He tried one, and then reverted to his Cheerios I had brought along for a snack. At least someone was making healthy choices in this family.

As we sat there, I looked at the pictures surrounding the eatery. Very attractive, overly skinny models drinking milkshakes, or kids posing with a big grin on their face, hand on the hip.


Kevin told me he was willing to stop at the whopper, but I had to push him into another sandwich. It made him feel guilty, eating like that. Both of us sat there looking remorseful, while Nolan continued his Cheerio marathon eating, shoving a few into his mouth at a time, smiling at us, gloating. It only made us feel more shameful.

What happened to us? I remember running to McDonald’s on an almost daily basis when I was a teen, during lunch break. I’d get the two cheeseburger meal. I’d make sure to ask for a side of ranch, to dip my fries into. Sometimes I’d get a milkshake so I could put my fries into that! It tasted like heaven. Now, I can barely stand the taste of bacon that’s left on my palate. Am I trying to somehow re-create that feeling? Why is it eating like that back then was OK, yet eating like that now kills my stomach? Is this an age thing? Or, is my mind telling me these choices are bad, so it makes me feel bad afterwards?

I have to go and eat a salad or something….


2 thoughts on “Way To Clog Those Arteries!”

  1. I have not had a Whopper in years. I remember when you and Carrie were little I would come home from work on a Friday and say how about us going too Mcdonalds”s or Dairy Queen. You would say lets go to Mcdonald”s but Carrie would say in her fast talking voice I want to go to Dairy Queen. All 3 of us have changed Sara. I have not been to a Mcdonald”s in years and the last time I went to a Burger King was when me and Helene had a Grilled Chicken sandwich, no combo. When we did our bike rides back in Salem we would stop at the Dairy Queen and have a Ice Cream cone or a Chicken Salad. When we were on the road and stopped at a place for Breakfast we would order a meal than split it between us. The meal I love to eat when I come home from the gym or a bike is a Grilled Chicken Salad. Carrie used to love Ice Cream but she also eats healthy. She hardly has any Ice Cream anymore. Now about that Burger King you guys went to. Once in a while is not bad. And you are right about when you have one you want more. My bad food drug choice was Wendy”s. A triple hamburger with a large fries and a large Frosty and I was a happy camper. Even down here in Arizona where it is hot in the summer I have had only a couple of frosty”s. Don:t worry this will not go on your record. LOL. You and Kevin are healthy eaters and you 2 have shown Ben and Nolan the healthy way to eat. Better than me always taking you 2 to Dairy Queen or Mcdonald”s when you were little. Do not feel bad Sara. Just don”t do it a lot. I love you. The Daddy”s.

  2. Remember how UNHEALTHY WE ate at the Treg??? Because of OUR power lunches I gained 30 lbs!!! I was thin when I started there. Yes. THIN! Oh how I enjoyed our lunches, the food, the conversation. It was an ‘EVENT’! I recently found some photos of you and I, the summer you Married Bryan. We were both bigger, but especially me!! I’ve been thin for so long now again, the girls just laughed at how big I’d let myself get! And I knew better and didn’t care. I knew HOW to eat right and keep weight off. Luckily in the same group of random photos I found this picture of me FOUR months after I weighed in at a whopping 193 when went to deliver Courtney. The photo was of me in a Bikini at 130 lbs. And for my frame that’s excellent.

    I’ve been able to eat for over a week now. My appetite is back, which is good. But Sara, the lyme completely took away my appetite and it’s been RARE that anything has even tasted good. Not this past week, I’ve been enjoying the taste of food and not having to force-feed myself.

    Which makes me think, I will enjoy this wonderful step in getting to feel even a little better, however…I’ll allow myself one more week of it and then begin watching everything I eat. I see those pics of me and how LARGE I was and uncomfortable I was because of it, let alone the artery clogging!

    Fast food makes me sick afterward when I do eat it. And I always OVER ORDER! Rarely, but on occasion, I’ll throw a little fast food party, and regret it every time. I’ll go ahead and have Krystal upload the picture of me. It’s embarrassing!

    I don’t really even look the same! Now, you can actually see my cheek bones and what my face and body “should” look like underneath all those layers of fat that I allowed myself to put on myself.

    I will always love a little McDonalds every 4-6 months to be honest. But I will never EVER allow myself to get that big again!

    I still am so very AMUSED by our attempt that one day to eat healthy with the four tuna sandwiches and a quart of ranch for our tomatoes and cukes! 😉

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