Talking To Myself In Ten Years

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If you could have lunch with your 10 year older self, what would you talk about?

The topic Susanna came up with wasn’t much of a stretch for me; talking with myself is an every day occurance. I recall laughing at my grandmother as she stood in the bathroom putting makeup on her face. While using pink lipstick as blush (she would always tell me it was the best kept secret to rosy cheeks) she would converse with her reflection in the mirror. At the time, I thought she’d gone bat crazy. I swear it must be hereditary, because I do it now too.

I wonder if she did this in her younger years. I never did, until recently.

Meeting with myself a decade later would be the freakiest trip. Most likely, my 43 year old Sara would meet my current 2011 33 year old Sara someplace calm and relaxing. I imagine a light lunch at Panera Bread, where we’d both sit facing one another, sipping on hot cocoa. We don’t drink coffee. Or maybe 43 year old Sara will. Maybe she has grown more tired and weary with the last 10 years, and decides she needs the caffeine. I hope not. I hope she is still filled with energy, and is a big puss when it comes to coffee.

I would eat one of those fantastic apple salads, with a side of macaroni and cheese. She hasn’t had that in the last decade, and revels in getting to enjoy something that used to be her favorite but was removed from the menu. We both hate it when things change that way.

I find out that Ben (who is 16 in her time) is now driving. The thought of my 6 year old behind the wheel of a car terrifies me, and astounds me.  Yet that is where he will be. She tells me that he is level headed and does a great job, but I’m not buying it. Knowing me, I am only trying to cushion myself from the blow of having to allow my kid to drive a vehicle.

Nolan is now 10, and is as crazy as he has been his first year or so of life. This comes as no surprise to me.

In ten years, my husband and I are still at it when it comes to running, and keeping in shape. She tells me that I still have to drag him along like I always have. Some things don’t change, but we are both healthy and happy, and strong.

There is more that she can tell me, my 43 year old self. I can see it in her eyes, which now hold more wrinkles from all the years of running in the sun. There is more wisdom, an honesty I am afraid to show now, at my 33 years. What she has to say could hurt me. Knowing the future holds the things I cannot control and the things that are inevitable scares me at times. Yet she keeps her mouth shut, just like I’d expect her to.

All in good time.


2 thoughts on “Talking To Myself In Ten Years”

  1. So strange, Sara, just two days ago I was thinking about you ten years from now. My age, and what you and your life may look like then. And then you write this!! Whatever it looks like, I hope only the best you for and happiness and health! Love you! J 🙂

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