Smile! It’s Picture Time!

Family photos. The epitome of a stressful situation. Parents want the perfect smile; the cutest outfit. Kids would rather be anywhere other than a studio, having to sit and contort themselves into different positions in order to get a “great job” from the photographer.

I hope my sister doesn’t kill me. However, I must share this picture of the two of us:

I'm in hell.
I hated this dress. Hate is actually a mild word. If I could find a word that represented something stronger than hate, I’d use it. The light blue stripes. The sailoresque look. The fact that it hung on my 8 year old body like a curtain. Not to mention that I wasn’t keen on wearing a dress, period. You can tell by my pinched expression, the tight smile.

My sister looked adorable. As always. Whatever.

These were the types of photos I recall being forced to sit through. In some, I’m sporting a bowl cut. In others, I’ve got this pseudo mullet going on.

And because of my own experiences, I have a more laid back approach when it comes to photos with my own children:

This was taken yesterday. It was a very candid shot. We were trying to get Nolan to stay still, and sit on his brother for one of those cute kid piling scenarios. Nolan wasn’t having it. He immediately moved and started crawling around. The poor photographer was snapping pictures as fast as her finger could push the button, hoping for one good shot. Out of all the film, only a handful would have been earmarked as “good”. Yet, I feel photos like this one takes the prize.

I don’t force my boys to wear stupid outfits (well, I know Nolan looks very posh, but is that not the cutest little outfit, ever?). Ben can wear jeans. His hair isn’t perfect. I didn’t put a ton of gel in it. It was chaotic and loud. Ben was clowning around; Nolan kept trying to escape. We did the best we could with what we had, and called it a day. As a friend of mine commented in regards to these Christmas photos: “it’s chaos, but it’s real life!!!”

And, that it is.


2 thoughts on “Smile! It’s Picture Time!”

  1. I always pick the more candid shot. Last years group shot was of all three kids cracking up. The boys were tickling their sister.

    Oh, btw, where is the ombre hair? You look great. (but you still should have gotten done cuz money or no, it is important to pamper yourself.)

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