My New Obsession With Wool Socks

I went shoe shopping yesterday at my favorite running store, and inquired about winter running gear. After finding a great new pair of shoes on “clearance” ($15 off doesn’t mean much when you are purchasing expensive Brooks running shoes, but I’ll take it) I was directed to the row of wool socks lined up along the far wall.

I picture wool as some horribly uncomfortable fabric I’d never want my feet encased in. I think I tried cuddling up within a wool blanket once, and broke out in a horrible rash. The sales guy pointed down to his feet, and showed me his red argyle socks. “See these? Wool.” I have to admit, upon touching the fabric (not on his feet, the ones hanging up on the wall), I noticed how soft and durable they were.

Here’s what truly astounded me, and hooked me; when I asked the sales guy how they hold up after being washed, he said, “Here’s the awesome part; you wash them once a week.” I wrinkled my nose when he said this, and almost gagged when he told me his argyles hadn’t been washed in 5 days. “I know, it sounds gross, but they don’t retain moisture, everything is wicked away. They don’t smell.”

Ok, anything I can own that doesn’t need to be washed but once a week is a winner in my book. I bought a pair for my husband, and a pair for myself.

When I returned home, I immediately messaged my husband on Yahoo. “I bought you wool socks today, for running.” He responds with, “Yay.” There was no excitement there. This was all sarcasm. He thinks I’m crazy for making him run this winter. “Seriously, they are so cool, you only have to wash them once a week!” His response: “Oh, that’s great.” I comment: “You can either wear them alone, or when it gets really cold, you put a pair of your other running socks on and then the wool ones over it.” His comment: “That’s awesome.”

Why wasn’t he recognizing how great these socks are? After he got home from work and examined the socks, I went into my speech again. “Your feet won’t get sweaty or gross.” He shrugged and walked away.

This morning was his turn to run; afterwards, I asked him how the experience was. “Did those socks keep your feet warm?” He agreed that they did. “Don’t throw them in the wash, just lay them somewhere until your next run.” By this time, he had hopped in the shower and was ignoring me, as he should have. I’ve been nothing but obnoxious!

I am obsessed with these new socks! What’s wrong with me?!?


One thought on “My New Obsession With Wool Socks”

  1. Next we will get you to knit your own wool socks. The reason that the wool doesn’t get stinky isn’t so much that it wicks away the moisture, but it is the nature of the wool to not support bacteria grown. But, the sales guy is correct, you do not need to wash wool socks every time you wear them, only when they loose their shape. See, I have that same excitement about socks… but generally I have made mine! 🙂

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