Have We Ever Been Safe?

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Recently, I heard a terrifying story, regarding an infant girl who was kidnapped from her home, late at night. According to this 10 month old’s parents, the baby was put to bed around 10:30pm, and when the father returned home from his night shift, around 4am, the baby was GONE! Chances are, you’ve seen this story on the news, too. And maybe you went around your house, making sure all your windows were locked. And if you have children, their room was most likely the first place you checked.

Now, no one knows for sure what really happened. Did a boogeyman come creeping down the street, baby snatching? Are the parents attempting to play some sort of cover up game? Was it someone they knew? I don’t have the answers. But this got me thinking:

” Is our world more unsafe now, than it was 50 years ago? Or, are we just more aware of it now, than we were back then?”

I heard many stories growing up. Parents talk, and some don’t know that children’s ears are like mini radar dishes, picking up every minuscule speck that can be obtained. Molestation. Physical Abuse. Assault and Battery. Murder. Drug Use. Rape. I could not put a face to what each story applied to, because my young mind couldn’t wrap it’s head around what I’d overheard. But it was there, all the same. There was no newsflash on our local stations. No internet to share the information with friends and family. Word of mouth was usually all you had, unless the story was HUGE, as in the case with Adam Walsh.


That was the first time, at the tender age of 6, I realized this world is not safe. I understood that if I chose to leave my mother’s side at a store, someone could kidnap me, take me away, and murder me. I’m sure my thought process at such a young age wasn’t so cut and dried, but I remember feeling genuine fear. It was on the news. This story was real, it wasn’t just a message passed along the grapevine.

So many stories, such as the case with Adam Walsh, were not made into headlines. Each state, each city has their own newspapers, and sometimes you’d see the story on the front page. Other times, it was unreported. In some cities, crime rates may have been so high, that what’s another stabbing incident? Another gun shot victim? Many stories I heard growing up never made it into the papers. It wasn’t considered “news worthy” unless it involved someone who was prominent in the community.

Enter in the Internet. Over the years, we’ve all been able to put the word out there on our lives. Blogs. YouTube. Twitter. E-mail. News stations all over the country (all over the world) have reached out for a piece of the pie, broadcasting to millions, even if their target audience is in Topeka, KS. Media such as Facebook enable stories to be shared with hundreds, and virtually millions if given the opportunity. The story regarding the kidnapped baby? I first read about that on Facebook. A friend of mine shared it with me, and I promptly shared it with everyone I knew.

No one had that capability, 50 years ago. Even 20 years ago, really. Now, if they had, would they have shared it? It seems folk from back in the day were more tight lipped about events that were ugly and crude. It was best to sweep that under the rug and carry on. That doesn’t mean those events didn’t take place. It just wasn’t discussed. And there was no media outlet to share it, back then.





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