Where Did Manners Go?

I had something happen to me this weekend, where I had an encounter with someone who was incredibly rude. This woman was very callous, and wasn’t letting up. Thank God I didn’t have to spend much time with her, but in all seriousness here, where have manners gone to?

Not to sound old, but in my day, if I spoke to someone like this woman spoke to me, I would have gotten bitch slapped!

You just don’t do that.

But it’s everywhere. Even my son has picked up on it. He rolls his eyes when I ask him a question, and often times he responds with, “Whatever”. I think he has an excuse though, considering he’s only 6. When adults do it, it just looks stupid and incredibly immature. And at least with my son, I can correct that behavior and give him reasons as to WHY it’s not OK for him to talk to me in that way.

How do you sit a grown up down, and tell them they need to behave?



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