Ben Has A Girlfriend!

Ben has always been a real ladies’ man. When he was 4, he told me he was married to a little friend of his. They shared a kiss in the basement of her house, and they had officially tied the knot. When he was 5 and in kindergarten, I’d pick him up from school with a gaggle of girls surrounding him, all in line to give him hugs. And really, who could blame them? With that devil may care hair of his (two cowlicks, right in front) and those big, beautiful brown eyes- what’s not to like?

The other day at dinner, Ben announces: “Guys, I have a girlfriend.”

For him, this is serious business. So I handle it in that manner.

Me: “Would you like to share with us?”

Ben: “Her name is Victoria.”

Me: “You mean Tori?” (He’s had a friend named Victoria since he was still in diapers).

Ben: “No!” (said in a manner which would be like me asking him if his girlfriend was his sister.) “She is in my class, and she’s REALLY nice.”

Me: “Oh?”

This little smirk he gives me… it said it all.

Me: “You two haven’t kissed, right???’ (Recalling when he got married)

Ben: “No! But my friend Matthew, he kissed her! He just went up to her and kissed her!”

Kevin: “Girls need to be respected Ben. You don’t want to do something like that to a girl. You want to be respectful.”

Ben nods his head in total agreement.

Kevin: “What about Bailey?” (Bailey is a little girl from last year’s class Ben had a crush on).

Ben: “I’ve moved on.”

At this point, I am on the verge of cracking up. It’s just too much to take, and I immediately turn so my head is turned to face the wall behind me, and I am trying so hard not to laugh. Really? He’s only 6! He’s already “moved on”.

I turn back around, and Kevin is at the kitchen sink, laughing. Ben is none the wiser as he eats dinner.

Of course, we have a talk with Ben in regards to the rules on how to treat a lady and what’s acceptable behavior. I just cannot get over having a talk with him regarding this at his age! I don’t want him to be ashamed of how he feels- but I wanted him to understand the boundaries he faces.

The next morning, the first thing he said after we piled into the car was, “I can’t wait to see Victoria!”

Young love.


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