Everyone Needs A Theme Song

I have joined a fantastic group of ladies, who are involved in a weekly blog project. Every Thursday, we will dazzle you with our insight on various topics. And each week, we take turns coming up with the idea for the blog topic. Please check out their blogs as well, listed under my Blogroll section. Just click on:

Froggie (Tracey): An experiment in knitting, writing- and life

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

Mom Of Many (Susanna): One Mom’s perspective on life, raising kids, knitting and other unrelated topics.

It was Susanna’s choice for this week’s topic, and her choice was: What is your theme song? Is this song always your theme song or does it change based on the circumstances?

Since Ally McBeal, I’ve wanted my own theme song. Ally would try to conjure up a song that would get her spirits up, giving her strength and courage.:

The problem was, I loved so many songs, and identified with almost every one (I’m a big believer in listening to the lyrics) that I couldn’t nail down just one.

Leave it to running to change that for me.

I’ve always enjoyed Gwen Stefani, when she was in No Doubt, and now that she’s solo. She released a song called “What You Waiting For?” and it has become my theme song. Usually when I’ve got a difficult hill to run up, I will play that song on my MP3 player, motivating me up the hill. In this song, she states she’s nervous to go out on her own and make a name for herself as a solo artist:

“Naturally, I’m worried if I do it alone
Who really cares, cause it’s your life
You never know, it could be great
Take a chance cause you might grow”

There are many times during my run where I feel the task ahead is daunting. Listening to these lyrics really propels me forward. This is my life, and I won’t know if I can complete this marathon unless I give it all I got. I need to push out the negativity and focus on my goal.

And the beat to this song matches my running rhythm perfectly. I listen to it every time I go for a run.

A line repeated many times is: “Take a chance you stupid ho”.

I don’t want to be a stupid ho. I’m taking a cue from Gwen here, and working my ass off to reach my dreams!


3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Theme Song”

  1. It’s a good choice, baby. One of my favorite comments on YouTube about that video, though, is:

    “What am I waiting for? The song to actually start!”

    That intro is LOOONNNGGG.

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