Stretch, Stretch, STRETCH!

I made a HUGE mistake. I ran 12 miles on Sunday. OK, that’s not the mistake. I ran 12 miles, and stretched some on Sunday, and pretty much quit after that.

I was meant to run 4 miles today, and my legs felt so horribly stiff… I only did 3, and walked some of it. Every time I would pick up the pace again to even jog, my legs objected horribly.  I felt like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz.

I often overlook the dire need to stretch.  When running a shorter mileage, I haven’t seemed to need it. I take it for granted. Usually the initial jog out there before picking up speed is sufficient enough.


So, my advice after this morning’s debacle is to STRETCH. Stretch after your run. Keep on stretching. If you remember to do it, stretch. I don’t care if you look like an idiot out in public somewhere, maybe grocery shopping, or hanging with the kids. Lean an arm up against a wall for support, and lift a leg in front of you, and then behind you.

This is getting me motivated to get my ass out of this chair, and do some stretches!




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