Hot Mama?

I went to lunch with my entourage, a.k.a. Ben and Nolan. We park in front of the Chinese restaurant, about to embark on a buffet… and as I get out of the Honda, adjusting my peasant skirt, across the parking lot from me are four men, climbing out of their own vehicle. And they are checking me out. Honestly, I don’t notice moments like this anymore. Recently a good friend and my husband tried to convince me that someone whistled at me, and I denied it vehemently. Who would whistle at me?  Seriously?

So these four men are looking at me appreciatevely, which makes me feel a little weird. And when I head to the back to pull Nolan from his car seat, the men look as though they hear the Price is Right losing horn theme in their head:

And I start to laugh, thinking of this. Such a turn off, right? A hot woman with… gulp… kids?!?

Once inside the restaurant, we don’t look at each other, me and these four men. I’m focused on my boys, and who knows what they are thinking. Don’t know, don’t care. It got me thinking though. Yes, I have kids. Any decent man would certainly see this as a deterrent. This most likely means I’m taken, which would be a correct assumption.

But why do I feel as though having kids has made me less attractive?

I was a little shocked that these men checked me out. I feel as though I should have some sign plastered to me that says, “You can’t look at me- I’m married, and I’ve birthed two babies.” I don’t feel like some hot commodity anymore. Which is fine, I don’t need to be the hot commodity, but lately, I don’t even feel womanly in my own skin. Most days I am amazed I’ve gotten a shower.

A lovely woman recently complimented me on Facebook, letting me how she sees this bright light shining from me, and I couldn’t believe it. Where is this light she speaks of? I know I had it at one point, but where did it go? And why is it she sees it, and I don’t?

Am I the only mom who feels as though she’s in some bubble?



2 thoughts on “Hot Mama?”

  1. you’re an official milf! 🙂
    seriously, these guys aren’t worth your time. you have someone you truly love and who fell in love with you and your firstborn son. maybe the guys were deterred because they saw that you’re hot but also that you’re attached to someone already so they didn’t want to take the chance that you’d reject them. who knows?
    in any case, i have days where i feel totally gross, covered in spit up with gray hairs starting to show and allergies acting up. other times, i feel glamorous, like when i dress up for work and wear makeup. then i come home and put on my t-shirt and pj pants and pull my hair back into a scarf to keep it off my face and keep the baby from pulling it. and my husband and kids still love me anyway. and that’s really all that matters. 🙂

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m always telling you how beautiful and desirable you are. One of these days you should believe me.

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