Minecraft: What Is It?

My son is obsessed with a game called Minecraft. I thank my husband Kevin for introducing him to it. I am sure Kevin thanks himself as well, when all Ben can talk about is Minecraft related stuff.

Just yesterday he says to me, “Mom, what’s your favorite animal?” I don’t really have a favorite. I say, “penguin.” He looks as though I answered his question incorrectly, but he continues. “Do you like birds?” I shrug and say, “Sure.” He looks at me with an intensity I’ve never seen before. His eyebrows are lifted. “Mom, they have a mob for birds. And do you like dolphins? You like dolphins.” But of course, who doesn’t like dolphins?  I don’t even have a chance to answer him. He tells me they also have a mob.

I have no clue what a “mob” is, but after watching a little bit of Minecraft, I get the sense that a “mob” is a new group of bad guys that his character has the chance to kill. Which, makes complete sense after typing that out.

And what is Minecraft, anyway? I see worlds all boxy and squared off, and your character has a tool to hammer away at rocks, which aren’t round. And you constantly chisel at stuff. Sometimes you see lava. Ben really freaks out when there’s lava around. He doesn’t ever want to land in it, for obvious reasons. You can place rocks in certain places, and build buildings and what not. There is TNT that you can place in various places, and blow stuff up.

Now before anyone gets upset with me for letting a 6 year old play Minecraft, rest assured it’s not a violent game. Yes, he does “kill” stuff, but there’s no blood and gore, and pretty much he will hit at a warthog, pigs, cows, etc. until they fall over, and somehow they magically turn into pork chops and beef flank. He holds onto his food in some box located at the bottom of his screen. I think the food rejuvenates his character and prolongs his life.

I know you have the choice to make Minecraft scarier and gorier, but of course we don’t have that option set for Ben. Right?  RIGHT?

Ben wants me to stop blogging now, so I can give him my undivided attention while he fights a flame waif. I have no idea what that is. I have no clue what the theme or purpose to this game is, but I’ll give him my attention.

Here’s one of Ben’s favorite songs as of late:


One thought on “Minecraft: What Is It?”

  1. LOL.

    1) A mob is any computer-controlled entity in the game. Cows, pigs, zombies, and creepers are all mobs.
    2) Cows drop leather, not beef. Pigs do drop ham, though.
    3) It’s a flame wraith, but Ben has a hard time saying that.
    4) You don’t really care, huh? 🙂

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