To Bee, Or Not To Bee….

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Tracey’s topic for this week: “If you could rid the world of something, what would it be?”

I didn’t even have to think twice over this one. Do away with nasty bees! I’m not referring to the sweet little honey bees you see doting on flowers, helping to pollinate our world. Bumblebees would fit into this category as well. They buzz around slowly, their short, squat bodies working hard to keep our planet in balance. I’m referring to the disgusting, nasty wasps and yellow jackets that fly around, often times gunning for you even when you do your damndest to stay as far away as you can.

Yes, I have a personal vendetta against them. I am allergic to bees.  I get horribly sick. And the area that’s stung swells up and turns an obnoxious red color, swollen and painful. I first discovered how truly disgusting these creatures were when I was 14. I had noticed my late grandfather sitting out on the porch one afternoon, armed with a fly swatter. I took the chair next to his. “What are you doing?” I asked him, curious. He simply said, “watch.” He pointed to a carcass of a yellow jacket that had been swatted by him. Another yellow jacket came flying slowly down to meet the dead one, and proceeded to pick up the dead carcass, and fly away with it. Grandpa promptly swatted it. Now two dead yellow jackets. More came, to repeat the process. I had never seen anything so repulsive. These creatures eat their own?!? Not to mention when food was cooking in the house, and a door was left open, 20 of them would be plastered to the door screen, wanting to get in. They love the smell of cooking meat. ::SHUDDER::

More recently, I was working one weekend and standing outside with a group of people. This yellow jacket flew next to us, and of course I was petrified. “Just stand still. It won’t bother you if you don’t bother it.” Famous last words. This particular yellow jacket had been gunning for me all day. If I had to make my way outside, it was there, waiting for me, and would chase me. You think I’m joking, but I’m not! The yellow jacket flitted around everyone, even weaving between the open fingers of someone in the group, before landing on my hand, and proceeding to sting me. I had stood as still as a statue, and the yellow jacket had no remorse. I wanted to cry, because I knew what was coming. My entire hand and arm became swelled and red. A few minutes later, I was puking in the bathroom. The only silver lining to that experience was getting to go home early from work.

Currently, we have three wasp nests on my house. Where they are located, there’s no way to get rid of them, unless we hire a very expensive exterminator, and I don’t even know if they’d have a ladder that goes that high. We just discovered another nest in the railing that leads up to my front door. There was an opening, and the nasty wasp took it, building a nest. We will most likely call an exterminator for that one, unless my husband wants to tackle the job. I’d probably piss myself if I attempted to get rid of it.

Yes, I know the purpose of a wasp on this planet. They are scavengers. They eat dead things, and help to clean up the earth, but we have many more animals and insects that do that job as well, and they don’t try to sting the pants off you just for sheer fun.

I say do away with them!

The three nests high up on our house
This picture almost made me pee my pants! Too close for comfort!












3 thoughts on “To Bee, Or Not To Bee….”

  1. I hate bees!!! They scare me. And I can see why you’d have even more of a reason to hate them. Yikes! My husband recently had to do some dance to get around a yellow jacket trying to sting him.

  2. Ok, just so you know, an Terminix annual contract is less than $200 a year.. seems like money well spent to me. They come 4 times a year and then when ever you call them.

    My middle son is like the wasp whisperer. He can have them land on him and practically pet them. While my oldest pisses them off for some reason, they hunt him down and try and sting him.

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