Venturing Out Alone…

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine would run with me very early in the morning, around 5am. She kept me motivated, kept me honest. She’d run half marathons/full marathons, and was able to give me good tips and pointers. She moved.

My husband and I used to run Sunday mornings together. It was relaxing and nice to be able to support each other, keep each other going. We now have kids.

I had posted recently about being able to get out there and run with your kids, but in all seriousness, are you going to stick your baby in a stroller and go running for 6 or more miles? Maybe your baby can do it, but mine would get bored. And my oldest child? Forget about it! He gets tired when we go walking around the block!

Hubby and I have had to take turns running. This means we each have to hold ourselves accountable. It gets a little lonely out there at times. I don’t have my friend telling me to get my butt up that hill. I’m not there to tell my husband that same thing. He hates hills. I had to really make myself get out of bed this morning, and I told myself, “No one else is going to make you, Sara. You have to get up now.”

Find what makes you keep going. Is there an experience you’ve had that you could say was the hardest? Something you did that you never thought you’d have the strength for? When I start to get tired, I say, “I gave birth to two babies. If I can do that, I can do ANYTHING.” Not everyone can use that for their encouragement, but mostly everyone has something they’ve endured that pushed their bodies beyond a limit they never thought imaginable.

You can’t always have someone there pushing you- find what makes you push yourself. And don’t give up!


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