Princess and the Pea

I have joined a fantastic group of ladies, who are involved in a weekly blog project. Every Thursday, we will dazzle you with our insight on various topics. And each week, we take turns coming up with the idea for the blog topic. Please check out their blogs as well, listed under my Blogroll section. Just click on:

Froggie (Tracey): An experiment in knitting, writing- and life

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

Mom Of Many (Susanna): One Mom’s perspective on life, raising kids, knitting and other unrelated topics.

Tracey’s topic this week is very interesting, and one I had to think about: In the Glee episode “Born This Way” the Glee Club is told to put a quality they see in themselves as a flaw on a t-shirt. This is done as a way for them to embrace this particular flaw. What I want to know is what would your t-shirt say?

Well, I hope no one throws fruit at me for admitting this, but I don’t watch Glee.  (Was that a tomato??)  So, I don’t have the show to go by, in terms of insight.  However, this topic intrigues me.  I have plenty of flaws to choose from.  I could write them down on paper, and then reach into a bowl and pluck one out.  The hard part is picking the one that really defines me most as a person.

What I keep coming back to, is something my husband told me recently.  He called me “Princess”.  Not because I’m regal, but because I am so particular.  Everything has to be done in a certain way.  My routines are lock solid.  If something is off, it screws me up for the rest of the day. For bed, I have to sleep with a fan, to block out noise.  My clock needs to be turned away, so I can’t see what time it is.  I also have a night light I plug in, because I get up a lot during the night.  This is what prompted my husband to equate me to the Princess and the Pea fable.  We learn the Princess is indeed who she says she is, due to her feeling a tiny pea beneath several layers of bedding and mattresses. In the story, only a true Princess would have such issues sleeping due to something so minute.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to “fix” this flaw.  Loosen up.  Relax.  I’ve found it only makes me feel less in control, which in turn makes me feel worse.  Instead, I focus on not becoming OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about everything.  Yes, I have a certain way I do something, but I try not to make others tow the line and follow suit. I’ve decided this is a part of who I am, it’s what makes me tick. I need my planner, and my to-do lists, and it’s ok, because that’s who Sara is.

A Princess, through and through.


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