Setting A New PR

My goal during my run in the Cinco De Mayo 5K wasn’t to beat other participants, or to come in first.  I left that to the man wearing nothing but running shorts and sneakers. Someone even made the comment: “You see that guy with no shirt on? He’s gonna be the winner.”  And he was.

My goal was to improve.  I wanted to set a new PR (personal record).  And I wanted to run the entire 3.1 miles without stopping.

My stomach was upset.  I told my husband, “I think I need to take it easy” because I thought for sure I’d have an accident (and not of the falling down kind) during the race.  Yet when we started out, I couldn’t just settle into a slow jog.  It’s hard to do, when you have so many other people running around you.  I settled into a comfortable run.  The running settled my stomach.  I forgot about the other participants (other than the woman who bashed into me running the opposite direction; she said “MOVE” and hit me.  DAMN!).  I wasn’t in competition with them, I was in competition with myself.  I listened to music and I let my feet carry me.

The water station was located halfway through, and I decided to bypass it, and turn around, heading back.  Many times I thought about walking, even just a little bit.  I started to see landmarks ahead of me, and I told myself, “just go to the underpass.  Just go to the pole.  Go to the bridge.”  And this got me through.

I’m not the fastest runner, not by a long shot.  I keep it steady.  I came in at 9:52 per mile, and many others beat me.  The half naked runner ran an impressive 5:20 pace! It’s easy to be hard on yourself, and compare yourself to how others are doing.  The trick is, to compare you to YOU. My last 5k, I ran 10:44 per mile.  I made an improvement, one I’m proud of, and my goal is to keep improving, even if it’s little by little.

Isn’t that the point?


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